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July 25, 2022 Human Hair Wigs 101 Views: 1265

Top Comfort is a silk top human hair wig that is perfect for those with total or partial hair loss such as alopecia. This comfortable wig features a handmade skin top that is breathable and soft on the skin, making this wig great for sensitive scalps. The silk top cap construction provides a clean hair parting and hairline. Ample medical grade silicone panels are placed throughout the cap, including at the front, sides and back to enable a secure hold without any adhesive needed. The special addition of the silicone panels mean that clips and combs are a thing of the past. This stunning style features 18-inch smooth hair without any returns on show for an ultra-realistic look. The highlighted Almond Frost color embodies golden blonde hair with ash blonde highlights with a subtle dark root.

(The Cap Construction of Top Comfort)

What’s the advantages of the silicone wigs?

  • Compared with other type cap constructions, the cap construction with silicone sits flat against your head with no air bubbles or curling at the edges.
  • The cap size of this silicone wig is small, specially designed for people with small head circumference, when you put it on, it stretches and clings snugly and securely to your head.
  • This wig is a great option for customer who is suffering from hair loss, or have a sensitive scalp.
  • After wearing, this wig will cling to the head, providing a very safe and comfortable situation. The addition of silicone tape makes it possible to fix it well without glue or adhesive tape.
  • The large medical grade silicone panels throughout the front, sides and back of the cap provide maximum hold.
  • This unit has a handmade Skin Top, which is a great choice for people with sensitive scalps. The top is light and comfortable, helping the scalp stay ventilated through the day. The invisible knotting and no return hair, provides a sleek ultra flattering look.

UniWigs provides top quality medical silicone human hair wigs for salon and customers. These wigs offer comfortable silicone cap that are ideal for people who are dealing with cancer, chemotherapy or hairloss. Those conditions can be devastating, but there is no reason for you not to look and feel better despite them.

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