Which Ponytail is Perfect for Your Face Shape?

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We all love to wear a ponytail. Ponytails are a classic and easy hairstyle that conveniently pulls your hair back, so it is out of the way, while remaining stylish. A ponytail is literally the perfect hairstyle for any activity such as staying at home, working out, going to work, and they can even be dressed up for a fancy event. What's not to love about ponytails? They are extremely versatile and there are a lot of variations of ponytails.

Certain ponytails can look more flattering on some face shapes than others. For instance, a top hairstylist trick is to wear a specific ponytail style that suits your face structure, which will help to compliment the face by balancing facial features. There are several categories of face shapes that most of us fall into, which interestingly suit different hairstyles. To find out which facial shape you might have, and which ponytail will look perfect on you and suit your face, read on!

Which Ponytail is Perfect for Your Face Shape

Types of Face Shape and Ponytail

Heart Face Shape

A heart shaped face typically features a wide forehead, with a more delicate jaw and narrow chin. Heart shaped faces are shaped like a heart, with the forehead and cheek bones being wider, with a defined chin often ending in a point.

Ponytail for Heart Shaped Faces

Ponytail for Heart Shaped Faces
Heart shaped faces suit softer layers and more hair around the forehead. Ponytails with long wispy bangs are ideal for heart shaped faces, as they help to balance the forehead and bring attention to the cheek bones and jaw.

Diamond Face Shape

Diamond faces are shaped like a diamond and have evenly balanced but angular facial features, including a smaller chin, prominent high cheek bones and a narrow forehead.

Ponytail for Diamond Shaped Faces

Ponytail for Diamond Shaped Faces
Diamond faces suit a lot of ponytail hairstyles including sleeker ponies, messy ponies and even half-up half-down ponies. If you have a diamond face shape go for a high and volumized ponytail to emphasize your high cheekbones and defined features.

Square Face Shape

Square face shapes have lots of definition due to a strong jaw and seemingly angular edges. Square faces are typically wider than they are long, and usually include angled facial features that are not rounded.

Ponytail for Square Shaped Faces

Ponytail for Square Shaped Faces
Lower or mid ponytails are flattering for square faces, as they help to elongate the face. Ponytails with soft waves and curls, as well as gentle bangs are recommended to help soften facial features.

Rectangle Face Shape

Rectangle also called "oblong” shaped faces are similar to square shaped faces through a wide forehead and angular features, but rectangle faces are typically more elongated. Rectangle faces are long with defined features, a square shaped jaw and wide forehead.

Ponytail for Rectangle Shaped Faces

Ponytail for Rectangle Shaped Faces
To balance out angular features and to add width, bouncy hair will suit rectangular faces. If you have a rectangular face, go for a wavy ponytail with soft bangs or a subtle curtain bang down the middle to flatter the forehead and balance the face.

Circle Face Shape

Circle face shapes also called "round” face shapes, are circular, with a similar forehead and chin ratio, giving the appearance of rounder and fuller cheeks. Circle face shapes might have a rounder jawline and be similar in width and length.

Ponytail for Circular Faces

Ponytail for Circular Faces
Circular faces suit higher and messier ponytails, with volume at the top to elongate the face. Curls and waves are particularly flattering to round faces. Loose face framing strands around the face will also elongate the face and create definition.

Oval Face Shape

Oval faces have very balanced facial features with an elongated face that is longer than it is wide. Oval face shapes typically have a rounder jaw, with soft equal features.

Ponytail for Circular Faces

Ponytail for Oval Shaped Faces
Oval face shapes will suit any hairstyle, so if you are fortunate enough to have an oval faced shape, the possibilities are endless for which ponytail you can wear!

We hope this article helped to give you an idea about which face shape you might have and which ponytail may compliment you. There are no rules when it comes to ponytails, as long as you feel comfortable and happy.

Comment down below which face shape you are and which ponytail you prefer!


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