What you Need to Know About UniWigs Ponytail Hair Extensions

April 09, 2021 Hair Extensions 101 Views: 1734

What are UniWigs Ponytail Extensions?

UniWigs ponytail extensions are new, limited edition ponytail hair extensions that are made from 100% Remy human hair.

There are two types of UniWigs ponytail extensions: one is with a Velcro base which adheres together to secure the ponytail. It has a long strand of hair that is used to wrap around the base with a comb that is sewn at the base to ensure a seamless blend.

The other type is ribbon-tied ponytail extension with a comb. This ponytail can be tied into a bow to create a natural-looking and stylish pony.

Both types of UniWigs ponytail extensions come with 4 bobby pins to secure the long strand of hair attached.

Ultimately, ponytail extensions are a really quick way to instantly add length and volume to your own ponytail (as well as your updos!). UniWigs ponytail extensions are available in lengths of 16, 18, 20, and 24 inches.

What are the benefits of UniWigs Ponytail Extensions?

UniWigs ponytail extensions help you to create longer fuller, and neater ponytails every time.
Ponytail extensions are also good for adding thickness if your ponytail doesn't have enough bounce due to thinning, short length, dryness, or brittleness.
UniWigs ponytail extensions open up a world of hairstyle possibilities. Save your time to create a new and polished hairstyle.
Ever tried to create a braided ponytail only for your layers to poke out? How about throwing your hair into a bun only to be left with a dull or lifeless look? With clip-in ponytail extensions, braided ponytails, high ponytails, low ponytails, and voluminous buns are all made possible.

UniWigs ponytail extensions can also help you to transform second or third-day hair from the comfort of your own home instantly. We get it...we haven't washed our hair in days either. Easily transform greasy or oily hair into ponytail perfection with UniWigs clip-in ponytail extensions. Now, you can attend virtual wine night with the girls after your home workout or say yes to that impromptu FaceTime call with your crush knowing your hair looks good. Click to learn more about the benefits of UniWigs Ponytail Extensions.

What does UniWigs Ponytail Extension come with?

UniWigs ponytail extensions come with a pigtail comb for parting and styling, 4 bobby pins, and a storage box so that you can store it away when you're not wearing it.

Do UniWigs Ponytail Extensions suit all hair textures and types?

Yes, UniWigs ponytail extensions are suitable for all hair textures and types. No matter which hair fiber you get, human hair or synthetic hair, you can style and re-curl it as you like.

Are UniWigs Ponytail Extensions secure?

UniWigs Ponytail Extensions come with a small comb attachment, which easily slides underneath your hair elastic to hold the ponytail in place. There is also a Velcro base, which sticks together to secure the ponytail. Finally, a long strand of hair is wrapped around the base with 4 matching bobby pins provided to secure in place.


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