What kind of hair is used for hair systems

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Recently, hair has become a very important part of accomplishing people's fashion. As a necessary part for plenty of people, what kind of materials are used for toupees/hair systems?

In a nutshell, the material of hair systems is divided into human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair can be divided into Chinese hair, Indian hair, and European hair. The more famous synthetic hair is American hair, Japanese hair, and German hair. In the following, I will talk more about human hair, synthetic hair, and the difference between them.

Human hair just as the name implies is the hair from the human. It looks very natural after wearing the hair systems made of human hair. The toupee can be permed and dyed. Meanwhile, it can be styled, washed, and blown. But there are some tips:

①After washing hair, if you don't pay attention to nursing, there will be knots, loss, and other conditions.

②Toupees are as absorbent as natural fibers, therefore, toupees made of human hair are easy to produce a bad taste, the weight is bigger, hair color and texture can be very uneven.

③With time goes by, the human hair toupees are easy to become rough and lusterless. In order to solve the problems, you can use medications or hair care products to add shine.

For these questions, UniWIgs have solutions!

Eros from UniWIgs is made of full-thin skin. It is not heavy at all, colorful and shiny hair can give you a soft and comfortable experience!

hair system

Chinese and Indian hair are popular in South Asia. But for European customers, To one's surprise, Indian hair is the most widely used hair. Different kinds of hair are distinguished by their thickness. For example, the European hair is 25-45D("D" is a unit of fitness of a chemical fiber such as polyester), the Indian hair is about 45-50D, Korean and Japanese hair is 50-55D. It follows that European hair is the thinnest hair in the world. Chinese hair is the most natural but is too thick for Americans and Europeans. European hair fits the style, but it can't stand the heat. India's hair is easy to style and perm, meanwhile, it can take place of European hair. Facing customers from different areas, hair can be selected according to the type of hair system made. To give customers the best experience, UniWigs' toupees are all made of human hair. By the way, in order to better fit American and European customers, we prefer to use Indian hair. It's more slender and softer, which can meet the requirements of most customers.

hair system

The soft and shiny hair from UniWigs

Synthetic hair is mainly made of chemicals such as nylon and acrylic fiber. Synthetic hair is the same as human hair in the aspects such as compactness, porosity, softness, luster, and tactility. Acrylic fiber which is very similar to human hair properties mainly made of chemical fiber as raw materials. Synthetic hair is mainly made of Roger Edelen 200 from Germany (shaped memory hair). This kind of hair can maintain a natural look, and make the shape elastic. Synthetic hair burns very fast. It will harden as it burns, and feel like a small bead.

Synthetic hair's price is lower than human hair, more colorful, and lighter. It can maintain natural shape and color for a long time, not easy to fade, knot, or shed. Braids are the most common type of hair system made of synthetic fibers. In terms of supply, it is not restricted like human hair, therefore, it is often used in fashion toupees. Because synthetic hair is similar in texture to human hair, it reflects light in sunlight and strong light. So it's not natural as human hair. Besides, hair ends will bend and deteriorate over time. On account synthetic hair can not be hotly dyed, it might be incongruous with the color or curvature of the original hair.

If mix human and synthetic hair to make a toupee, the higher the percentage of synthetic hair, the more likely it is to be a toupee. So when you choose toupees, you must choose a hair system made entirely of human hair or a high proportion of human hair. Only in this way can look very natural.

Tips to distinguish human hair and synthetic hair. Cut a handful of hair and set it on fire. Small clumps in the ashes indicate synthetic hair, the slow-burning, sulfurous smell is human hair. The most obvious difference is that human hair will burn completely without clumps.

These are the main materials used to make hair systems. If you have any questions about the materials of toupees, please contact [email protected]. We will offer you the most considerable service!


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