What do you need to know about hair extensions?

February 18, 2021 Hair Extensions 101 Views: 3059

Hair extensions are one of the most popular wearable hair products today. Moreover, there are several different types of hair extensions appearing on the market and in hair salons.

Lots of people are interested in trying hair extensions and may have questions about hair extensions, and which ones they should choose. This blog will highlight the key information about hair extensions that will help you to find which hair extensions can suit your needs.

Hair Extensions for the Long-term 1

Two main types of hair extensions:

1.Hair Extensions for the Short-term

Short-term hair extensions, such as clip-ins and halo hair extensions, are not permanently attached to the head and are easy to apply and remove. The common features of clip-in extensions and halo extensions are that you can put them on and take them out easily, and the length of the hair is adjustable (depending on where you want to clip the extensions into your hair).
Short-term hair extensions are very convenient and can be removed whenever you want, so during sleeping or showering, they won't be a problem! However, the existence of the hair clips results in them not appearing as real as long-term hair extensions.


2.Hair Extensions for the Long-term

Long-term hair extensions, such as sew-in hair extensions available at hair salons, are permanently attached to the head for a period of time until they are removed. The common features of long-term hair extensions are that they stay on your hair for the long term and are not easy to put on or take off.
It normally takes several hours at the salon to sew the hair extensions into the hair, and their lifespan is around 3-6 months. As the knots are really small, long-term hair extensions look slightly more natural than short-term hair extensions. However, long-term hair extensions cannot be taken off, not even to sleep or shower. Additionally, great care should be taken with your hair, and combing should be done very carefully due to the small knots in the hair.


Hair Extensions' Benefits and Limitations

Benefits of hair extensions:

1.Hair Length
Hair extensions can effectively increase your hair length. This is the most common reason why people want hair extensions. If you do not have any visible hair loss, and you like the look of long hair and want to add some length to your own hair, then hair extensions can be perfect for you!

2.Hair Volume
Hair extensions can increase your hair volume. This is another reason why people like to get hair extensions. If your hair is thin, but you do not have any obvious hair loss areas, then hair extensions can be a good option to increase your hair volume. However, if your hair is too thin, the clips or knots under your hair might be visible.

3.Add highlights or lowlights
Hair extensions are a simple way to add highlights or lowlights to your hair, without needing to bleach or dye your own hair. Meanwhile, short-term hair extensions are perfect for a temporary hair color change!

Hair Extensions for the Long-term

Limitations of long-term hair extensions:


1. Uncomfortable for sleeping and showering
Long-term hair extensions are not able to be taken off at night, and because of this, it can cause itchiness or pain if the hair gets pulled during sleep. Similarly, when showering or bathing, it is not as convenient to wash your hair with long-term hair extensions attached to your roots.

2. Harder to dry
Long-term hair extensions are not just difficult to wash, but they are more likely to leave some residual shampoo on your hair as well, which is not friendly to your scalp. After washing your hair, due to the knots on the hair extension roots, it can take much longer for your hair to dry completely.

3. Expensive
Compared with short-term hair extensions, long-term hair extensions are more expensive. Short-term hair extensions normally have more materials to choose from, so the prices can vary. Conversely, long-term hair extensions usually need to be applied in salons, and with good quality human hair (to look natural with your own hair for the long term), making long-term hair extensions much more expensive than short-term extensions.

4.Hair loss
Due to long-term hair extensions always being knotted closely and tightly to the hair roots, the risk of hair loss is higher. Long-term hair extensions can cause tension and pressure on your scalp and cannot be removed to relieve tension like short-term hair extensions can.


Short-term hair extensions are much more convenient and the risk of damage to your own hair is lower.
However, short-term hair extensions are not as secure as long-term hair extensions on your hair for long-time wear.

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