Volume Ponytail For Square Or Round Face

December 14, 2021 Hair Extensions 101 Views: 1854

Girls are often cover their face with hair to make it look narrower. They give up face-revealing hairstyles. So how to make our face not so wide? In this blog, we will talk about some tips and tricks with a fake ponytail hairstyle with hair extensions that makes a wide, square or round face look narrow.

If your hair is not voluminous enough, thin, fine or short, you can use hair extensions.It aids in emphasizing the vertical, which visually lengthens and ovalizes the face. Of course, you can accentuate the bangs, or top volume, lenging some hair to frame the face. The main thing in the hairstyle is to make the ponytail as high as possible at the very top of the head.

The most important aspect of this hairstyle is deciding where to put the ponytail. The face will appear even wider if you place it lower than mine. Growth is lower. From every angle, both in front and in profile, the tail stretches the silhouette's length. The ponytail is arranged in such a way that it lengthens the neck and visually reduces the volume of your proportions. The body appears more proportional and the face no longer appears wide due to the rhythm of the head - neck, chest - waist, hips - legs. It appears to be more graceful and elongated. Leave longer hair strands on your face to disguise chubby cheeks. This creates the illusion of a vertical line and adds a casual element to the hairstyle. Long bangs will look perfect.

Feel free to use extensions if your hair lacks volume. They can also be tied around the ponytail's base, as we did. 

Remember to draw attention to the top strand in front of the ponytail. It will aid in the creation of additional vertical volume and the closing of the tail's base. This is yet another decorative element that will distinguish and personalize your hairstyle.

Please write in the comments what shape your face is and what hairstyles you choose for your face shape.To do this, write in the comments, I want instructions.

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