Unveil New Colors On Ponytails

October 17, 2021 Hair Extensions 101 Views: 1654

If you've been eyeing a certain ponytail extensions for a while and you are looking for your hair color with the changing of the seasons ,here is a great news, UniWigs has introduced many colors, including black, brown and gold, and the new colors will inspire you to refresh your look.

Dark colors are very welcome for the cold days of the year.

H2 Natural Brown - Compared with natural black, it contains a little bit of brown hue inside, you would feel it's black if you see it in dark backgroud.

210 Truffle Brown - Medium brown lowlighted with dark coffee brown,lighter than dark coffee brown, it's darker than medium brown.

H246 Cinnamon Brown - more natural-looking neutral copper, it contains three colors natural brown, medium brown and light brown. The reddish-brown hue can be brought to life with dimensional highlights and lowlights, but stays toward the red end of the color spectrum.

HT10 Mahogany brown - The copper brown hue, unlike other shades of a similar description, Mahogany hues have cool and warm undertones.

H458 Golden Blonde - Featuring shades of gold, golden blonde hair is warm and natural-looking. The color looks best when paired with fair to medium complexions and light eye colors, such as pale blue and green.

H613C Pure Blonde - Ulike other colors, it's not clearly to be defined. But the color is pure blondie that fits for girls with blonde hair.

H613B White Blonde - White-blonde hair is distinguished by its chilly, frosty tones, rather than the warm yellows found in platinum and other blonde tints, as previously stated.

H454 Smokey Gray - It looks like a dirty gray in dark backgroud, and the color would be changed if you see it under light shade, you can detect some purple shades reflect in it.

All colors are belongs to synthetic color ring. Synthetic colors are slightliy different with human hair colors, they are stable and pure.

Find all new color ponytail hair extensions: https://www.uniwigs.com/112-ponytails


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