UniWigs Lana Has Such Natural Hair Shades

January 14, 2022 Hair Extensions 101 Views: 1014

The UniWigs new collection of Ponytail Extensions has been growing with new additions. Great right? There are now twelve different ponytail extensions to choose from! Ponytail extensions are fab for creating longer, thicker ponytails, and enhancing your own pony instantly. Easy to apply and more affordable than other extensions, ponytail extensions are becoming super popular.

The UniWigs Lana 25" Curly Wrap Around Synthetic Ponytail Extension has become a new fave by many UniWigs fans, and here's why.

What's unique about Lana is it has a beautiful curly hair texture. Lana's curls resemble Type 2C curls, with S-bends that are well defined and flow all the way to the ends. This ponytail extension will provide lots of volume and texture to any pony hairstyle. The curls are permanent, so if the extension is washed, the hair will just spring right back into curls after!

For a more volumized, natural looking and playful long ponytail, Lana is a great choice. At 25-inches long, Lana will enhance length and texture to any pony.

To apply, simply wrap Lana around your own ponytail, and secure with the Velcro. Lana has a strap of hair attached that can be wrapped around the base of your pony to hide the weft and give your pony a boost.

Lana's hair shades

Lana is available in three realistic hair shades, including H1B Off Black, 210 Truffle Brown, and H624 Champagne Blonde. As Lana is made from synthetic fiber, these hair colors have been designed to look very natural and just like human hair. We love them all! Read on to find out which is your favorite.

Lana 25" Curly Wrap around Synthetic Ponytail Extension - Shade H1B Off Black - $28.90
Available in the shade Off Black, this dark shade is slightly lighter than the color jet black. Lana's curls are a true vivid shade of Off Black, and this shade is very flattering as it adds definition to the curls.

Lana 25" Curly Wrap around Synthetic Ponytail Extension - Shade H624 Champagne Blonde - $28.90
Here Lana is in the shade H624 Champagne Blonde. This shade is a warm blonde, embodying warm honey tones, blended with subtle lighter blonde highlights. As Lana is made from synthetic fiber, the hair color will remain vivid and won't fade! So this stunning Champagne Blonde color will stay bright, with no purple toned shampoos or conditioners needed.

Lastly there is Lana's newest shade, 210 Truffle Brown. As this shade is new to Lana, we have not gotten photos for it yet. But hold tight as there will be some soon! But, just so you know, 210 Truffle Brown is a gorgeous brunette shade, possessing medium brown hair that is lowlighted with dark coffee brown. Because of the lowlights, Truffle Brown is darker than medium brown.

So, whether you're after a black, brunette, or blonde curly hair extension, Lana can be an excellent choice. As Lana's Champagne Blonde and Truffle Brown shades include highlights and lowlights, they are able to suit a people with natural hair in a variety of brunette and blonde shades.

What's more, Lana's curly texture make this ponytail extension perfect for creating braids and other thick hairstyles! Slightly messy and imperfect braids make the best braids, so to create stunning braid styles, it's best to go for a curly ponytail extension, rather than a silky straight pony extension.

Ultimately, the Lana 25" Curly Wrap around Synthetic Ponytail Extension is full of curly texture to match curly girls, and to add texture for those with straight hair. Available in three stunning shades of black, brown, and blonde, Lana can be a great addition to any hair wardrobe.


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