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2018-11-22 03:27:58

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So many talented hairstylists have created tons of stunning and unique styles for UniWigs. You can see them be nominated by @Modernsalon, @behindthechair_com and so many other big accounts on Instagram. We are so proud to see UniWigs everywhere!

We've worked with Alex for more than 5 times and she surprises us every time. It's hard to define which kind of style is she good at because she's so talented with many different hairstyles. She's also one of the top 100 artist of @Modernsalon and a member of @behindthechair_com.

Tequila Sunrise Lace Front Wig
Tequila Sunrise Lace Front Wig
For this style she used frizz control spray prior to braiding. We name this wig Tequila Sunrise. The color is just as colorful as a combination of Tequila Sunrise.

Angelia Synthetic Lace Front Wig

Angelia Synthetic Lace Front Wig
Bubble braid with some braided flower accents. She has done flowers many times and still has something practicing to do. They are tricky!

Antonio is an artist from @etch_salon. You may have seen his blondie hairstyles on Instagram already. To be honest he's really into our Blondie Lace Front Wig and it's also one of our best-sellers in 2018.

Blondie Lace Front Wig
The color is a very natural white blonde but with light brown roots, which make it look more real. The texture is silk straight and feels very soft. That's why it's perfect for daily wear. You won't feel ichy or any other uncomfortable wearing it.

Cloud Synthetic Lace Front Wig

Cloud Synthetic Lace Front Wig
He colored some extensions with viral conditioners and used turquoise, rose, gold and lilac. If you love ths fishtail with colorful hair but you only own monochromatic wig, you can try the same way and add a little glory on it.

Emily had purchased a few UniWigs before we worked together and she was one of the loyalest fans of us. We reached out to her when she had less than 3000 followers and she grows so fast. UniWigs not only collaborate with big influencers but also with those who are small but talented and potential.

Tonya Synthetic Lace Front Wig
Tonya Synthetic Lace Front Wig
As we all know that short hairs are hard to braided but Emily made it!

Thunder cloud

Thunder cloud
This is one of the latest UniWigs exclusive designs. She calls this style BOXER braids. Technically they can be done with any style braid but she used her favorite fishtail.

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