The Inspiring Hair Loss Stories from UniWigs Customers Episode 6

September 29, 2021 Hair Loss Views: 1042

The Hair Loss Story from Blair

hair loss

Blair is wearing UniWigs Aura SKIN Part Human Hair Topper - SKU: PS2102 - Hair Color: G-1B Off Black

Just a young woman dealing with hair loss.

I had some great experiences the past 2 days wearing 2 different hair pieces to work.

The only reaction I got was "oh I didn't recognize you looked different but I don't know why".

Did I offer an explanation? Nope. It's my choice whether or not I want to tell anyone. I sometimes get upset with myself because this is exactly the opposite of what I want to portrayed. Hair loss is common and should be normalized along with hair wearing..I think I counter this though by being open with at least 80% of the people I've come across recently at work or randomly who comment on my hair. I've told them it's alt hair and I've even shown them pics when they've asked what my bio hair looks like. I'm not embarrassed of how it looks anymore or that someone will know.

I didn't say anything because this person made the comment around a group of people and I wasn't ready for a group tell all. I've only ever revealed my hair loss and wearing one on one. One day I'll make it up to being ok with group telling.

One coworker knew because she has hair loss and has been wanting to try alt hair but I sure where to start. She did ask to touch my hair the second day because she could not believe my pony topper wasn't mine..I didn't mind but only because she asked. It was a great moment.

My hair stayed in place both days and it felt great to take that plunge and make a switch. I wasn't scared anyone would be judgemental or negative like I've feared in the past.

Does my hair loss still bother me some days? Absolutely. I don't know if at this point I'd ever go back to work without hair. I know I can wear it daily if I want to. I prefer to. I'm just at a weird place where I accept I have hair loss, but I also would choose to go out in my alt hair over bio hair to something I'd do regularly like work.

Anyone else have this issue? You accept it but you also wear your hair out most days?

I like to think me choosing to wear alt hair is like anyone else choosing to wear an accessory to complete their look

The Hair Loss Story from Veronica

hair loss1

Veronica is wearing the Chloe Long Remy Human Hair Lace Wig - SKU: LS1808 Hair Color: G4-Medium-Brown

"My name is Vee (Veronica) and I'm a wife, mum and small business owner. I'm 38 with some serious hair issues. I was diagnosed with androgenic alopecia about 12 years ago, possibly associated with PCOS.

At first I was confused and felt lonely. Treatments weren't working and my self esteem was at an all time low. I gave up on myself for awhile, taking comfort in alcohol and food. This was detrimental to my health and lead to gaining a lot of weight, causing inflammation, and pain. Later I learnt I also had endometriosis.

After years of (sub) infertility, I learnt to nourish myself from the inside out. I reduced the toxins in my life, I ate clean, I exercised and practiced meditation and prayer. Whilst this didn't grow my hair back, it brought back vitality to my life.
So what did I do about my hair? I bought some! Yes, that easy. I now enjoy beautiful hair. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good.

The Hair Loss Story from Aboli  

hair loss2

Aboli is wearing UniWigs Upgrade Claire Plus Remy Human Hair Topper - SKU: PM1902, Base Size: 6.5" * 6.5"

After "coming out" to my friends and family on my personal channels yesterday, I went through a series of unexpected emotions. I knew I would feel fear, but I also felt a deep sadness. It was like I was mourning all the years I had spent building up my own prison, and yesterday I stepped out of it to view my pitiful existence. I was happy even before I came out, don't get me wrong. I think I'm just happier and lighter now, and regret taking this long. But I would never have had the courage to be that vulnerable with my network had it not been for the constant courage and vulnerability displayed by the women in this trusted circle. So thank you for giving me the confidence and strength to free myself. Below is part of what I wrote in my post to fam & friends as a follow up from yesterday:

I've been meaning to speak out about my hair loss for a while. I felt it would be potentially helpful to others who struggle with it, to raise awareness of the prevalence of the condition, or even just to momentarily pop the illusion of perfection in social media. Many folks reached out to share their own story afterwards, so it was worth it.

Hopefully I was able to articulate that hair loss is as much a psychological burden as it is a physical one. As a society we place a lot of importance on good hair. Think about what you personally spend on your hair care products, hair cuts, coloring, etc and how you'd react if you began to lose a great deal of it and nothing you tried worked to get it back (not that I wish that on anyone). Add to that the various jokes with baldness as the punchline, the stigma of wearing hair pieces, and the potential for romantic rejection/judgement from your partner or in the dating world. Scary, right? Good hair signals youth, health, fertility, beauty, etc, etc. When you start losing your hair (especially at a young age), you begin to question all of those things. It warps your sense of what is important, that all your other talents and attributes are meaningless until this one flaw is fixed. What was once just a benign physical condition transforms into an uglier psychological one.


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