The Best Halo Hair Extensions for Stylish, Easy & Comfortable Hair

July 30, 2021 Hair Extensions 101 Views: 3502


The Rachael 14" 86g Halo Synthetic Hair Extension is made from 100% synthetic Japanese heat-unfriendly fiber. This hair fiber is as natural looking as real human hair, and super soft. Available in various lengths such as 12", 14″, 16″, and 18", this extension is super lightweight. The Rachael halo extension is light and comfortable. It is very easy to apply and remove, and it can also be adjusted to the size of your head. It is available in several colors. It adds volume, bounce, and length to your natural mane.


1. Super easy to attach and detach from your head
2. Comfortable to wear
3. Can be adjusted to the size of your head
4. Does not slip off from your head


1. Cannot be restyled


If your natural hair has highlights, and you want to add length and volume to your hair, you could try the Cathy 18" 140g Halo Human Hair Extension – in the shade Caramel with blond highlights that fade into ash blond. You could also choose from our other shades that are a different blonde from Cathy. This extension is composed entirely of Remy human hair, and it comes in a variety of hues. It weighs 140 grams. It can be straightened, curled, washed, and restyled, and it's simple to put together without the use of glue or clips. Cathy has an invisible wire as well as clips to keep it in place. The clips can be removed if they aren't needed. Washing the hair extension clips in water containing salt or chlorine should be avoided. You should wash them in water with a soft scrubbing brush.


1. Made from 100% Human hair
2. Doesn't tangle with the proper care
3. Doesn't shed with the proper care
4. Has smooth ends
5. Is the most comfortable hair extension
6. Extra halo wire and clips supplied
7. Clips can be removed
8. Easy to put on and take off
9. No hair damage or scalp itching
10. Can be restyled
11. Can be dyed
12. Reusable


1. None!

catherine hair extensions

The Catherine 14" 90g Halo Human Hair Extension is made of 100% human hair. This extension does not tangle or shed. The length and weight of these comfortable halo hair extensions are suitable for people with a hair length of 15″ to 16″. The hair weight, the width of the weft, and wire length can be customized according to your needs. This set is also supplied with an extra halo wire and clips should you need them. If the clips aren't needed, they can be removed from the extension!

This hair extension can be applied with or without tape or glue. Catherine won't harm your hair or irritate your scalp. The invisible adjustable wire and clips are comfortable, and the hair will blend flawlessly with your natural hair to give you a fuller, longer look. As Catherine is 100% real hair and is already colored, this halo extension may also be dyed, but only to darker shades. Catherine is available in a variety of beautiful colors.


1. Made of 100% Human hair
2. Doesn't tangle with the proper care
3. Doesn't shed with the proper care
4. Has smooth ends
5. Is the most comfortable hair extension
6. Extra halo wire and clips supplied
8. 7. Clips can be removed
9. Easy to put on and take off
10. No hair damage or scalp itch
11. Can be restyled
12. Can be dyed
13. Free replacement


1. None


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