STORY: It takes time for your wig to grow into her full potential

March 29, 2020 Lifestyle Views: 1700

Imagine when you receive a wig and put her on, you might do not like her at first sight, what are you going to do? I think most of you would say "oh, she's might not be the best wig for me" and you want to send it back right away. However, everyone knows to not judge a book by its cover, but what most people don't know is to not judge a wig by her first impression. Play with your wig with enough patience and keep practicing. It takes time for your baby to grow into her full potential

Lindsey met the same problem: she did not like her wig at the first sight. However, she gradually has changed her thoughts about her LYDIA wig after wearing for several days. Let's check out Lindsey's records and find out why…

day 3

Let me be honest. I wasn't a fan of this wig right of the box. BUT I am liking her more and more as I play with it and she does have some great features. The hairline is really great! I have been wearing and playing with this wig and she is growing on me….

day 5

Lydia girl... I owe you an apology! You just needed to be air dried!!! Omg... I like her so much more now! And I like her color so much more in this lighting too. Oh geez... thank goodness. It will be nice having a wig that I can wash the night before, and literally throw her on and go the next morning. No styling needed!! Where are my lazy girls at?

day 10

day 1001

This is air dried and then curled. I must say again, air dry this wig! SO much better air dried then when I blow dried it. The lace front sits very flat, I know this can be an issue sometimes. She is mono top which isn't my personal preference but I still like her anyway. Full hand tied! Very easy to wear, nothing needs to be glued or taped, just a wig grip is all I use. She can be a bit poofy so maybe a thinning is what I need to do. This wig looked terrible on me out of the box I couldn't bring myself to take a picture. So don't get discouraged if you make a purchase and have regrets. My opinion on this wig changes for the better every time I wear it. And I haven't even made customizations. All I did was wash her and I immediately liked it so much more!


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