Something You Should Know About Synthetic Hair Extensions

September 01, 2021 Hair Extensions 101 Views: 2351

Compared with human hair, synthetic hair extensions are acceptable and also popular as well. If you are always wearing human hair extensions and know little about synthetic fiber, reading and knowing something about synthetic fiber will help you make a better decision on purchasing hair extensions.

Do Synthetic Hair Extensions Look Real?

Synthetic hair is human-made fiber. Acrylic, polyester, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and connective are some of the numerous types of made synthetic hair strands. Not all synthetic fibers are equal in terms of quality.
Honestly, you can find some brightness from synthetic fiber. The brightness in the fiber may clearly distinguish high-quality fiber from inferior quality fiber.
But there are still some differences between different products. Synthetic hair extensions will look more real than synthetic wigs. Because you blend the hair extension pieces with your own hair, some synthetic fiber will hide in your hair, however, the synthetic wig is a full head of synthetic fiber that you will find a full hand-made fake hair.
Plus, manufacturers realize the brightness of it, they reduce the brightness on the fiber with a new technique, now the upgraded synthetic fiber will be more real.

We got lots of feedback and comments asking about whether fiber is real hair or synthetic hair. Because they can't detect it.

How Long Does Synthetic Hair Extensions Last?
They can last as long as they have because you only use them a handful of times. Synthetic hair extensions applied everyday will generally last 3-6 months with heat style if used consistently. If you proper care like washing care, brushing and wearing, not frequently use, you could use it longer extended one year.

How Much Are Synthetic Hair Extensions?
Synthetic hair extension is much cheaper than human hair extension. It's made of artificial synthetic fiber which is renewable. The cost of synthetic hair extensions ranges from $50 to $85. They're less expensive than human hair.Clip-in Synthetic Hollywood Wave Extensions 5 Pieces Classic Clip-in Synthetic extensions

About UniWigs Synthetic Hair Extensions

With our Selena Clip-In Synthetic Hair Extensions for women, teenagers, and young girls, you can effortlessly and quickly add length and/or volume to your own hair.

It's cheap, light, and simple to put together. Clip-in synthetic hair extensions for women and teens come in a variety of one-piece, two-piece, or a set of independently varying weft sizes to wrap around your hair.

A little half-inch to one-inch pressure-sensitive clip secures the hair extensions to your own hair. Simply open the clip, part your hair, and slide the clip into place before snapping it shut. After you've finished wearing the synthetic hair extensions for the day or evening, just undo the pressure-sensitive clips and take them out of your hair, storing them to be reused again.

Selena 22" 5 Pieces Classic Clip-in Synthetic Hollywood Wave Extensions are a great way to add length, volume, and highlights to their own hair while saving money. Synthetic extensions can also be applied and removed from your own hair in a matter of minutes.


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