Sandi's Hair Loss Journey

October 06, 2020 Hair Loss Views: 1459

My name is Sandi. And this is the story about my fight with the hair loss.

As a child and young adult, I had thick long unruly hair. I remember my Mum trying to brush the knots out at the back of my neck it was so thick. In my late 30's my hair started to thin at the front of my fringe (bangs) and not long after that I found out I had an underactive thyroid and started thyroxine supplements. There wasn't any particular improvement but at least the rest of my hair seemed to be full enough.

I suffered from gynecological problems after this during my mid-forties and ended up having a hysterectomy, then my hair appeared to start thinning around my part. I went on a very low-calorie diet where I lost over 3 stones in 3 months and for months after this my hair started to come out in handfuls when I washed it. This eventually slowed down then along came the loss of hormones when my ovaries stopped working a few years after my hysterectomy.

I did my best to style it in a short bob and thought I was managing it but then my sister in law came to visit and asked me if I was unwell as I had lost so much hair. This is when I was really upset as I thought I was disguising it! I have since started wearing Bella topper and it makes me feel much better. I would do anything for those lovely unruly locks of hair from my youth but at least now I have some helper hair to make me feel feminine and complete. I know that hair isn't what makes us the person we are but it sure does help!! Thank goodness for Uniwigs who make affordable helper hair!

UniWigs 6”x6” Bella Full Silk Human Hair Topper

In this Selfie, Sandi R. is wearing the UniWigs 6"x6" Bella Full Silk Human Hair Topper, SKU: PS1801, Color: G-4 Medium Brown.

UniWigs 6”x6” Bella Full Silk Human Hair Topper 1

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