Pros and Cons of Bleaching Knots on Real Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

April 20, 2023 Human Hair Wigs 101 Views: 1058

As a wig company, we’re always asked about the latest hair trends, and one of the most popular ones is bleaching knots on wigs. While bleaching knots can give a more realistic look to wigs, it also has its drawbacks. In this blog, I will discuss the pros and cons of bleaching knots on lace wigs made of human hair.

Real human hair lace front wigs are highly sought-after because they look and feel like natural hair. However, the dark knots on lace wigs are visible because they represent the hair strands that are tied or knotted onto the lace base of the wig. These knots appear darker than the hair color as they are not bleached or colored to match the desired shade (for example, dark roots). This contrast can make the knots more noticeable, especially on lighter-colored wigs. The knots on these wigs are typically black or brown, which can make them look less natural, especially if you have a lighter skin tone. Bleaching knots can solve this problem, but it is not always the best solution.

Pros of Bleaching Knots on Wigs:

Natural Look: Bleaching knots can make wigs look more natural, especially if you have a lighter skin tone. The knots will blend in with your scalp and give the appearance of hair growing from your scalp.

Customization: By bleaching knots, you can customize your wig to your desired look. You can achieve a more natural-looking hairline or even create baby hair for a more realistic appearance.

Versatility: With bleached knots, you can part your wig in any direction, making it easier to style your hair as you desire.


Cons of Bleaching Knots on Wigs:

Damage: Bleaching knots can damage the hair on the wig. The chemicals used to bleach the knots can weaken the hair strands, leading to breakage, shedding and shortening the life span of the wig. It is essential to take extra care of your wig after bleaching to minimize damage.

Maintenance: After bleaching, you will need to maintain your wig regularly to keep it looking its best. This includes regular washing and conditioning to prevent dryness and brittleness.

Cost: Bleaching knots can be an expensive process. It requires expertise and time, and you will likely need to pay a professional to do it.

If you decide to bleach knots on your real human hair wig or lace front wig, it is essential to use high-quality products and to have the process done by a professional. At, we do have some wigs with partially bleached knots, but we don’t offer any with fully bleached knots. The reason for this is that it drastically shortens the life span of the wig.


We want to hear from you though… do you want your wig to last a long time? Or are you more concerned with having bleached knots? Drop your comments below! 


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