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Hair trends come and go quickly, but balayage coloring remains popular with no sign of decline any time soon. The design of ombre and balayage looks great on short hair, but especially stunning on longer hair. It adds a rich visual color and inspires a confident feel in the wearer.

What are the top trends in balayage this year?

1. Dark Brown to Cool-Toned Ash Blonde Ombre

Dark Brown to Cool-Toned Ash Blonde Ombre
This color is undoubtedly one of the most popular color trends in 2019. Look closely and you'll see that the blonde underneath is a mixture of the two blonde colors. The short darker roots add a flattering dimension and makes a natural gradation of hair. But the blonde ends, which takes up most of the length of the hair, steals the show.

2. Natural Light Brown to Bleach Blonde Ombre

Natural Light Brown to Bleach Blonde Ombre
Bleach blonde hair is radiant and instantly brightening, but it can also take a toll on your hair if you choose to put it through the lengthy bleaching process. This process can be even longer if your natural hair is a dark color. The bleaching process often causes split ends, breakage, dryness, tangling, frizz or even hair loss. Therefore we always recommend you try a similar wig to the color you desire rather than harming your own hair.

3. Natural Gold Blonde and Pale Brown Balayage

Natural Gold Blonde and Pale Brown Balayage

Cool Toned Blonde and Natural Gold Blonde Blend shaded with Pale Brown is in high demand. This color is great for people with light brown hair, as it will look like their own hair has beautiful gold blonde highlights and balayage. The blonde highlight is 1-2 inches from the roots, making a natural gradation.

4. Dark blonde to Bleach Silver Blonde Ombre

Dark blonde to Bleach Silver Blonde Ombre

This new ombre color benefits women who have natural dirty blonde or mouse hair, but that want to go blonder. This transition is not dramatic. It fades evenly and gradually from natural dark blonde roots to cool-toned bleached ends. Bleaching the ends only will help to protect the scalp from the harsh chemical products. A beautiful hair that can shine in the hot summer.

5. Gold Auburn and Dark Brown Balayage

Gold Auburn and Dark Brown Balayage

Auburn is not a common hair color for most people, it is a unique and beautiful color that can be mixed with dark brown to create a subtle balayage. If your own natural hair is black or dark brown, add auburn highlights to stand out. The highlight can be added from the middle of your head to also create an ombre effect.

If you want to try a new balayage hair color but are hesitating to damage your bio hair, a human hair wig or hair topper can help you to achieve it instantly.

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