My Androgenic alopecia Story

June 20, 2020 Whispers from Customers Views: 7733

My hair loss story starts during the time of prom. When I was getting my hair done I noticed the hair dresser having a hard time working with it and she teased my hair a lot which helps hide the thin hair but I thought nothing of it at the time.

Fast forward 5 years and my best friend pointed out it was starting to look thin but I was in denial about it and again thought nothing of it.

Fast forward 2 years give or take and it was getting impossible to hide. I was using hair powder's, dry shampoos with colouring in it and even parting my hair differently. I also stopped going out to birthday parties or social gatherings and wore a hat everywhere I went.

My Androgenic alopecia Story 1

I finally decided enough was enough and I talked to my doctor and made an appointment to see the hair specialist. She diagnosed me with Androgenic alopecia and told me the only thing that could be done is to try using Rogaine to see if that'll cover up how thin my hair was.

My Androgenic alopecia Story 2

She is wearing the Bella silk remy human hair topper in natural black.

I always knew I would never be able to grow back the hair I lost or that was thinning but what was upsetting was having her tell me Rogaine was my “only” option and not that theres topper or wigs that look so realistic.

At the time I knew I could buy a hair topper and I was able to cover up my hair loss by using one but just thinking about all the girls that go in there and have no idea you can go buy a topper because the doctor wasn't saying anything really bothered me. Thats why I decided to create my social media account and hashtag certain words to help girls realize we have options out there and using one product isn't the only option we have. I'm always here for anyone who has questions about any of the hair pieces I own.

My Androgenic alopecia Story 3

She is wearing the Amber silk remy human hair topper with bang. specializes in the hair toppers for women for many years. DM @uniwigs.helperhair on Instagram if you have any hair topper questions.


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