Medical wigs for cancer patients – everything you need to know!

May 05, 2022 Human Hair Wigs 101 Views: 2171

Losing hair is a stressful experience that can occur in both men and women. Whether it comes to partial or complete hair loss, the hair wigs are an ideal and suitable way to restore the look and regain confidence. With the latest hairstyle trends, people sometimes just wear wigs to try out new hairstyles and look a bit different than they used to. Most commonly there are human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. But, when it comes to more serious hair issues, then the medical wigs come on the scene.

What is a medical wig?

The medical wig is also known as the cranial hair prosthesis. It is a special type of wig that is created and designed for patients that lose their hair because of alopecia, cancer, or other medical treatments. There are lots of different medical treatments, moderate or intense in severity, that can lead to hair loss in men and women. What makes the medical wig stand out in this department is that it is carefully created by experts in this field and this wig does not irritate the scalp.

The medical wig is created from 100% real human hair. Compared to the other types of wigs, the medical wig has a very natural look that just matches the patient's skin tone and hair. The composition and the high quality that the medical wig comes in make them easy to compare and differentiate from the fashion wigs or other types of wigs. Overall, the purpose of the medical wig is not only to cover the hair loss and to improve the look of the hair but also to offer comfort and security.

Medical human hair wigs often come as a prescription from doctors. They are suitable for patients that are exposed to chemotherapy and maybe suffer from other serious medical illnesses. For example, there are different types of medical wigs such as cancer wigs, alopecia wigs, and trichotillomania wigs. All of these wigs are part of the cranial prosthesis wigs department.

What is the difference between a medical and a fashion wig?

There is a big difference when it comes to medical wigs and fashion wigs. The one and the most important difference is in the construction of each wig. Although both types of wigs are designed to improve the hairstyle, there is a lot more to each of these styles, especially the medical wig type. The medical wigs are crafted in a particular way that there uses high-quality material.

For women who suffer from breast cancer, and have this type of treatment, hair loss can be devastating. This comes as a side effect of the cancer medication. It is a common thing and it happens to lots of people. Although it should not be seen as an embarrassment, the women instantly feel less beautiful, without self-confidence and self-esteem. That is why, the medical wigs are a great option to boost the overall confidence, and mood and to improve the look while you are still undergoing treatments and waiting for the hair to regrow. But, one important thing to consider is to always choose a medical wig, not a fashion wig.

Losing hair because of medical illness requires using a medical wig that will achieve a good look and appearance. In this situation, you should always look for something that is comfortable and that you will want to wear on daily basis.

The design of the medical wig

The one key feature that distinguishes the medical wog from the fashion wig is the quality and the ingredient of how the cap is designed. The medical wig cap is made from the highest quality material that feels soft and comfortable to wear. This is because cancer patients need the utmost comfort when wearing a hair wig. Also, the medical wigs have silk in their composition, which is used for the top of the head. The silk makes the wig look realistic and natural. The top of the medical wig consists of two layers. The first layer includes knitted hair, and the other layer conceals the knots. It provides the effect of hair growing from the scalp. The entire design of the medical wig includes a French lace at the top, stretch net material in the middle and the back of the head, and poly material at the perimeter.

Another important thing to consider is taking the wig on and off. Cancer patients need to use the wig as easily as possible. The medical wig has an elastic band and the cancer patient can use it to secure the wig around the head in the proper way. This closely refers to the availability of activities that can be done with the medical wig. It also has anti-slip silicon that allows the patient to do a wide range of activities without the wig falling off. It is also suitable for swimming too.

Overall, the medical wigs offer different benefits than the fashion wig, which are essential for cancer patients. Breathability, invisibility, and the natural look are just some of the key features of the medical wig. Uniwigs is a brand that offers a variety of wigs for all those needing and willing to improve their hairstyle and look. With a special nod to the cancer patients and all those who are in need of a medical wig, at Uniwigs you can find the suitable option for you. Top Comfort is a silk top, 100% hand-tied cap with silicone. It is great for all those with a sensitive scalp, including patients undergoing medical treatments that result in hairloss.

Moreover, at Uniwigs, you can find accessories that will cater to the better look of your medical wig. The lace front support tape provides extra comfort and security for the wig, as well as the Uniwigs Double sided adhesive tapes that will help better shape the hairpiece.

Be sure to check out the Uniwigs website and find the most suitable pick for you!


Cheryl Furtado

  • 2023-11-15 07:01:51

Hi, I am getting a prescription for a medical wig from the doctor. Insurance covers the cost. Will you bill the insurance company directly? I need a wig. Please reach out.

    admin 2024-01-10 20:48:08

    Dear Cheryl 

    Thanks for your comment.

    We could help you to find a perfect product and provide you with documents we could offer, but we could not bill the insurance company directly.

    Further questions please send email to [email protected]

    UniWigs support team

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