Low hair density, causes, and possible solutions.

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Hair thickness is the number one variable that decides how to best style your hair, whether you will have a big ponytail or a small one it all depends on the thickness of your hair which is also known as hair density.

A more pragmatic method for finding out about your hair thickness at home is by a visual review.

The easiest personal test on your own hair's density is through moving your hair and seeing your scalp, you can assess it as follows; On the off chance that you can see your scalp without moving your hair, your hair thickness is possible on the lower end. Assuming you want to move your hair somewhat to see your scalp, your thickness is presumably to be good, but if it's hard to see your scalp, your hair thickness is logically high.

Another test that is famous online and in social media is trying to style your hair mostly with the ponytail style or a bun. The test works by placing your hair in a braid and estimating the perimeter. If the tail is lower than 3inches then you have a low hair thickness, and the value is in between if the length of your ponytail is between 3 to 5 inches while any value higher than that means you have a high hair density.

What causes low hair density:

We regularly have around 80,000 to 120,000 hairs on our scalp. Your hair thickness is mostly noted from the mid-center of your head to the back region of your scalp as they carry most of the hairs in your head.

Hair thickness changes generally from one individual to another and will in general contrasted by nationality.

There's no such thing as a hair thickness that is excessively high or excessively low, and your hair thickness isn't demonstrative of your general well-being. In any case, individuals with wholesome inadequacies might encounter going bald that diminishes generally speaking hair thickness.

It has been revealed by several studies that Africans have the most minimal hair thickness and Caucasians had the most noteworthy hair densities.

You can classify your hair in numerous ways and aspects such as; by its length, shading, surface, coarseness, or thickness. Your hair thickness alludes to the number of strands of hair develop per square inch of your scalp.

The following are some of the possible causes for low hair density:

1.your nutrition and diet: The body needs supplements to make new hair strands and keep up with solid hair follicles. Protein is a fundamental part of the hair, along with other nutrients which incorporate nutrients and minerals that's assume a key part in the hair follicle development cycle. Lack of healthy sustenance and lacks of nutrient can cause balding. Eating an empowering, fluctuated diet can assist with advancing the proceeded development of solid, sound hair.

Vitamin D invigorates the hair follicles, bringing about hair development. At the point when an individual doesn't get sufficient vitamin D, they might encounter balding, close by different side effects. Some exploration has connected the lack of vitamin D with alopecia areata.

2. medical conditions: Alopecia areata is one of the different medical conditions that can attack our scalp and cause loss of hair affecting the thickness of our hair. It is a condition that causes balding in round patches on the scalp. It can likewise influence the eyebrows, facial hair, and different regions where hair is available.

In alopecia areata, the hair follicles are as yet alive, and the hair can regrow. Specialists might treat alopecia areata with an infusion into the scalp each month and a half for as long as a half year. Another yet medical condition that can cause hair loss in pregnancy, but this usually gets solved several months after giving birth unless otherwise.

3. living under stress; After an extensive stretch of critical pressure, individuals might see that their hair feels more slender than expected. This is called telogen exhaust. At the point when stress causes diminishing hair, individuals as a rule notice their hair getting back to its generally expected volume once the upsetting circumstance starts to pass.

Medical care experts can assist individuals with overseeing critical seasons of pressure. Talking and social treatments can help. Individuals can likewise attempt regular solutions for managing pressure and uneasiness.

How can you solve the condition of thinning hair leading to low hair density:

Several measures can be taken to solve the condition of thinning hair some might depend on your causing factors and some can just be taken as you appeal,

1.taking medications; there are lots of medicines and creams that have been introduced to cover up thinning hair effects, some can be taken OTC and some can be found on herbal clinics. But taking medications is rather a long-term solution as it takes longer for the effect to take place.

2.Home solutions and remedies; Individuals can likewise attempt a scope of home solutions for further develop hair development. Nonetheless, not all home cures have logical sponsorship. Therefore, individuals ought to talk with a specialist prior to attempting any new home solution for going bald. Studies into regular medicines are various and show guarantee. Nonetheless, natural cures don't right now have FDA endorsement, and more exploration is expected to affirm their advantages.

3.improving your diet: Diet assumes a significant part in the strength and wellbeing of an individual's hair. Proteins, fats, and certain nutrients and minerals are particularly significant for hair wellbeing. Individuals might see enhancements in hair development when they increment how much certain food sources are in their eating regimen. Such foods can be eggs, fatty fish, and other natural and artificial sources of vitamin D.

4.trying out hairpiece options; a hairpiece can be either a synthetic made one or a natural human hair kind that can be a full piece or half a hairpiece. In most cases it depends on the extent of your hair thinness which is a case of a small region that can be covered by using a hair patch or a topper or a toupee, but if its the whole scalp then a full head coverage hairpiece is needed. The advantage of this solution is that its quick and provides instant results as compared to the other methods.

UNIWIGS hair toppers for you:


Jayla is a skin Base human hair system that is made as a perfect choice for women who want large coverage for thinning or fine hair. It also works for men who are looking for a long hairstyle. This top hairpiece is made of Remy human hair and it comes in 14” long, so it doesn't tangle easily. The base is 7"x9" and it can be cut smaller to meet your specific needs. The base is made of full skin and it is pretty durable and feels comfortable while wearing. Hair is straight and is made freestyle. Jayla adds body, length, and fullness for a more voluminous look and can be added as a perfect look for an event or a casual normal regular look.


This Amber topper with bangs is a clip-in hair topper that adds seamless volume and coverage on the top of the head and along the parting. it has bangs, which help you to avoid the concern of an unnatural hairline. It also features a silk top which makes the knots 100% invisible and gives the illusion that the hair is growing out from your scalp. It is made from 100% human hair and can be heat-styled with a flat iron or curling iron with your hair creating the perfect blending.


It's not important to get out a magnifying instrument and begin counting individual strands. Simply having an overall thought regarding whether your hair thickness is on the slim or thick side can assist you with figuring out what kind of hair items you ought to utilize. And in case of hair thinness be sure to take into account the solutions we have proposed or visit our site for more hairpieces options.


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