Human Hair Replacement System 101: How to Get a Realistic & Natural Look

January 10, 2022 Toupee 101 Views: 1505

Lots of UniWigs Hair System customers may wonder how they can wear the human hair systems with the super natural looking, since they don’t want other people to notice they are wearing those hair pieces. Hair loss can be a very tough problem to deal with, and so far we have not found the effective medical cure to fix it up. Here, we would like to share some of the easy and useful tips on how to wear the human hair systems naturally.

The men’s hair replacement systems have been advancing rapidly over the past three decades. Right now you may find hundreds of different styles selling on the hair salons, wig stores, or online alternative hair boutique like us. It can be a easy procedure to find the right human hair systems for you once you know what you are looking for. 

Undetectable Hairline

If you want to wear the hair system with the realistic look, you have to pay much attention on the front hairline of the hair system, because if the front hairline looks fake, people will notice you are wearing a hairpiece immediately. In fact, there are several different hairline base types available on market for you to choose, which have their own pros and cons.  

Most hair system wearers usually will choose the PU front base as their first choices, since the PU base can last longer. But the PU front cannot create a natural looking hairline, but a rigid one due to the thickness of the PU base.

Normally, the thinner the base material, the more natural and realistic look it can create. Swiss or French lace or Thin Skin are very thin materials that are almost see-through on the forehead and therefore just look like the most natural hairline. 

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Ventilation Technique

Knotting ventilation technique is widely used with the lace or mono base hair replacement systems. During this complicated procedure, the craftsman needs to tie each individual hair into the mesh base material with the double, singe or half knots. Usually, the smaller the knot, the more realistic the base will look, specially where the hair density is less. However, the smaller knots means less durable. The double knots is the most long-lasting but looks less natural with higher hair density. Both V-looping and injection ventilation techniques inject the hair fiber into the skin base with the most natural looking. However, those bases are not so strong and durable as the base made with the knot technique.

If the hair color is the dark shade, the knots will look like the dark dots on the base. However, the knot bleaching is a good method to disguise the hair knots. The craftsman put the hair knots through a gentle bleach to lighten the hair color, which will leave the knots virtually invisible. 

High Quality Human Hair

If you are looking for the hair system with the most natural and realistic look, you should consider the hair systems made of high quality 100% human hair.

The natural human hair will look and feel like our own bio hair, which is donated, sold, or exchanged fairly. For example, some of our hair is obtained from temples, where hair is a form of donation and a source of revenue for the monastery/ temple for its own expenses and projects. Therefore, it's a from of meritorious deed for the donor, same as donating money or food. We also obtain our hair from many hair salons, who choose to sell their hair instead of throwing it away into the waste stream. The Real Human Hair will also allow for curling, perming, straightening and dyeing, just like our own hair.

By the way, the Remy human hair, handled and processed very carefully, is the finest quality human hair material, whose cuticles are kept intact in one direction. The hair systems made of 100% Remy human hair will have much less problems such tangling, matting and dullness.

Customized Hair Systems

It is obvious that the customized hair systems can offer the most discreet and realistic looking for the men suffering from the male pattern hair loss or alopecia. The customized hair systems will allow for the high level of personalization with the accurate head measurement of the clients. And the clients can also choose the hair density, style, color or even the hair texture that they would prefer.

When you order a customized hair system, we highly recommend to consider some specific details in order to get an age-appropriate look, such as the hair density or the percentage grey hair. As a mature hair system wearer, you may consider selecting the less density in the frontal hairline with some grey hair around the head. At UniWigs, we always would like to help our customers find the most natural looking hair replacement system! If you have any concerns about the customized hair systems, please feel free to contact our customer service via the following infos:

Customer Service to Help order a Custom Hair System:

Email S[email protected] 

Phone Call:626-581-9123 ( Mon-Fri 9:00am – 5:30pm PST )

909-895-6421 ( Mon-Fri 5:30pm – 2:30am PST )




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