How to wear a wig?

December 20, 2018 How tos and Tips Views: 3118

As we all know all synthetic wigs from UniWigs are lace front and they have a big parting space. Once we get our wigs, we will customize it to make the hair look like they are growing from our scalp. The key point of this tutorial is about the parting, which gives the most natural appeal for this unit.

The good thing about UniWigs trendy wigs is that you have a long parting length of about 6 inches. Typically with lace front wigs, you can only get 4 inches.

First of all, we need to spray some water to the hair on the top, mold down the part, and section where we want the part to lay. Get a hard bristle brush and brush it down so that it lays flat. When we take the wig out of the package, it was all over the place. So we really want to use the water to help shape and mold the wig.

synthetic lace front wigs

Once we figure out where we want to part the hair, whether it is the left part or the right part, take a tweezer and pluck the part a little bit. The secret here is that we pluck away at the part and make it look natural. After that, we turn the wig inside out and apply some foundation on the lace to make it blend in with your skin more naturally.

So far we have almost finished and then let's put the wig on!

Our trendy wigs have four combs inside the cap and also adjustable straps. We need to adjust the straps accordingly depending on how it feels. You can adjust them to make them more comfortable and fit for you.

All preparation work is done now and then you just need to put it on your head.

It's up to you how to style it. We suggest you take an edge brush and put some hair spray on it. Pull out the baby hairs and get it a more natural finish.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial. Let me know if this is helpful for you.

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