How To Wash Your Human Hair Topper To Make it Last Longer

March 11, 2020

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Taking good care of your hair topper by washing it correctly can help it to last longer. To get started, be sure to use lukewarm water and rinse your topper thoroughly. Next, use a good sulfate free/paraben free shampoo to gently lather the topper hair. Make sure to be gentle and to not rub or twist the hair while shampooing the hair from the top to the ends.

Next, rinse the shampoo off the hair and make sure there is no shampoo left in the topper base or in the hair. Don't be alarmed if you see discolored water in the sink when you are rinsing your topper. This is the dirt that has accumulated in the hair between washes.

Once the water runs clear when you're rinsing your topper, gently squeeze the water out and blot lightly with a towel.

how to wash human hair topper 01

For the next step, a good and intensive conditioner treatment is beneficial for keeping the topper soft. Apply a medium amount of conditioner to your hands first and massage in the ends of the hair. Any remaining product on your hands can be applied to the top of the hair. Next, let the deep conditioning treatments do its magic by letting it sit for 5-10 minutes. You can generally set this aside or leave it in the sink while it sits.

how to wash human hair topper 02

When you go to rinse the conditioning treatment from the hair, it's important to run the water through the whole topper for a little longer than normal to be sure that the conditioner is rinsed off thoroughly.

how to wash human hair topper 03

For the last step, follow up with the cream rinse conditioner. Apply this conditioner throughout the entire topper. And you may rinse it immediately. It's very important to rinse for a good amount of time to be sure that the topper has no more residue left on it.

how to wash human hair topper 04

Finally, towel dry your hair topper by gently dabbing the towel along the hair. Now your topper is ready to blow dry and styling.



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