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Many people experience a topper with messy and misshapen hair after they open the box to take out their topper. This is because toppers can become misshapen in the shipping process. This is especially true for human hair products.

To reshape your topper, we advise you to lightly wet the hair and fluff it up with your blow dryer and comb. You can also change your hair parting to where you like and style the hair. As you do this, you may notice some small short hairs standing up on top of your topper.

How to smooth down the hairs that stick up on your topper 1

We get many customers say that they are worried that the new topper has damage or breakage as they notice these short hairs on the crown of the topper. This is not damage or breakage and in fact this is known as the “Hair return” and it is necessary for production.

How to smooth down the hairs that stick up on your topper 2

To craft a hair topper, each hair strand is woven through a mesh base and hand-tied to the other side. This means that the short hairs are the opposite ends of the longer hairs. Each hair strand has about four to five inch length on the other side of the base that may stick up every now and then.

How to smooth down the hairs that stick up on your topper 3

The hair return creates more volume on the topper base, and it is necessary to keep the hairs tied down properly. When they stick up, you can simply style the hair to smooth them down.

Here are some tips:

1. Spray the short hairs with a heat protectant spray and use a comb or brush to gently smooth these short hairs down.
2. The first option is to style it with your blow-dryer. It is best to use a concentrator nozzle on your blow-dryer to smooth the hair down properly. When you blow-dry the hair, make sure you direct the airflow to blow-dry the hair downwards in the direction that you want the hair to lay.

How to smooth down the hairs that stick up on your topper 4

If you're not good at using a blow-dryer, or if you're afraid of creating frizz, the second option is to flat iron the hair.

Make sure the hair is dry and using your flat iron on a very low heat, gently go through the areas where there is hair sticking up or where you want to style. It's best to straighten slowly and controlled.

How to smooth down the hairs that stick up on your topper 5

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