How to Put on Your Lace Front Topper Naturally - Step by Step

December 15, 2020 How tos and Tips Views: 4232

So, you have found the right hair topper to fulfill all your hair coverage needs, and now it's time to put it on and make it look natural on you. In this blog, we will go through our top tips on how you can make your lace front topper look flawlessly undetectable.

Reduce the shine

1. Reduce the shine

The hair topper you receive might look shinier than your natural hair, especially if you have purchased a synthetic topper. Making sure your hair is the same glossiness as your topper will help your hair to blend in with the topper better.

There are two ways to reduce the shine on your topper. The first way is by washing it and the second way is by spraying dry shampoo onto it and combing through.

2. Cut the front lace

Toppers with a lace front come with a section of lace at the front of the topper. A lace front hair topper is the secret weapon to a flawless undetectable hairline. When worn properly the end result is a supremely natural hairline that gives the illusion that the hair is actually growing out of your own head. When you get a topper with a lace front, you usually need to cut the extra lace before you put it on to style it.

3. Trim to blend

Toppers often need a little trim. For instance, if your bio hair has layers, you'll want your topper to match. This step might require a professional hairstylist, but you could also DIY it if you have some experience with trimming a topper.

4. Putting your topper on

You'll want to secure the topper properly so that it looks undetectable. There are always a few things to remember when putting your topper on:

A. If you have a receding hairline and you don't have much hair around your hairline, try and place your topper right onto the edge of your hairline. In this way, your hair topper can create a hairline look in the front.

B. If you do have some strands of hair in your front hairline, clip your topper a little bit behind your hairline and let some of your biological hair peek out for a natural look.

C. Gluing down the front of the topper is another great way to secure your hair topper onto your head.

5. Work on your parting

UniWigs sells three kinds of hair toppers, including lace toppers, mono toppers, and silk toppers. All three types of toppers offer you a natural part since the hair is hand-tied. However, you might prefer one base more than another, so check out our collection if you are considering a different type of base.

6. Have fun styling!

Now it's your time to have some fun with your hair topper. Feel free to add some beachy waves if you want voluminous hair. A 32mm diameter barrel always gives beautiful waves.

If you would prefer your topper to look straight and sleek, use a hair flat iron to straighten the locks for a natural blend.


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