How to Make Fake Bangs Look Real?

January 15, 2024 How tos and Tips Views: 472

Whether you’re dealing with a receding hairline due to hair loss, or simply looking to switch up your hairstyle, fake bangs present an excellent solution. Let’s introduce you to the UniWigs Scalp-Looking Clip-In Human Hair Bangs and guide you on achieving a genuinely realistic look with these fabulous faux bangs!

Scalp-Looking Clip-In Human Hair Bangs-fake bangs

1. Choose the Right Color:
Start by choosing a color that matches your natural hair. Since fake bangs generally need to blend with your bio hair, a significant color difference would make them appear noticeably artificial! We recommend opting for a color closest to or slightly lighter than your own hair. This way, you can take it to your hairstylist to darken, ensuring the most natural color effect when it’s done!

2. Hair Quality and Material:
Opt for human hair as it tends to look more natural. UniWigs Scalp-Looking Clip-In Human Hair Bangs, designed with beautiful face-framing sides and a scalp-looking skin base, offers an undetectable appearance. This easy-to-attach fringe provides a realistic touch without the commitment of cutting your own hair.

3. Cutting and Styling:
Upon receiving the product, it might not be a perfect fit. Trim or consult your stylist to customize the bangs to your liking. Use thermal styling tools for curling or straightening, ensuring the fake bangs blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

4. Apply the Fake Bangs Correctly:
UniWigs’ Clip-In Hair Bangs are beginner-friendly, with a super-easy application process. Refer to our detailed step-by-step tutorial video for a flawless look. The Instant Clip-In Bang not only adds volume to the front of your hair but also provides a natural appearance, eliminating concerns about an obvious hairline.

UniWigs Scalp-Looking Clip-In Human Hair Bangs offer a versatile and natural-looking solution for changing your hairstyle or concealing a receding hairline. Follow these tips, and you’ll confidently rock your fake bangs with style and authenticity. Watch our tutorial video for a step-by-step guide to achieving a fuller, volumized look effortlessly.


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