How to detangle a wig?

October 11, 2018 How tos and Tips Views: 2635

The wigs are a go to option for us when we have any hair problem or simply want to have a new hairdo for any styling or for taking up a new appearance. The problem arises when the wigs start to cause the problems similar to that of our natural hair. Yes, that is the reason for this discussion. How can we deal with the most recurring hair trouble that is hair detangle?

To detangle an entangled wig a few necessary accessories are required. These are namely a hair brush, a comb, a steamer and a styling iron kit. The first step towards detangling is to fix the wig at a place where it can be treated without any movement, preferably a mannequin head or a wig stand. The hairs are needed to be combed with fingers first or else the brush will aggravate the tanged situation leading to discarding of the wig. The process is a bit tedious and time consuming but it is also one of the best ways to detangle the hairs. Once a knot is felt by the fingers you can detangle it quite easily by using a minimal excessive force. In this process the untangling is done quite successful with a fewer loss of hair strands. After the finger combing when most of the knots are disentangled, next step comes the application of the hair brush. The motion of the hair brush is quite a tricky one. You must apply short and smooth strokes on the wig and start from the hair ends and slowly work upwards to avoid further tangle. With this the wig will get a finer and clearer knot free texture for further treatment. Next comes to the wash and spray stage. The hair of the wig, if natural kind, require proper moisturizing for a smoother pattern. Loss of moisture and over usage is the cause of hair entanglement. The wig requires a good wash with conditioned shampoo and soft water. After the hair needs to be blow dried to get the silky consistency. The next step is to get every treatment done by using hair sprays to avoid causing hair knot from any technical faults. The use of steamer is the best way to remove any residual tangles, but it is only applicable for human hair wigs because synthetic hair wigs are non-resistant to heat.

After the treatment, you can comb your wig hair with a big tooth hair comb and use hair styling kit irons for curling or flatting the hairs without any entangles. To avoid tangled mess it is better to regularly comb the wig with hair sprays before and after each and every use.


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