How to customize a hair system

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Usually, there are two kinds of subjects that will involve the customization of a hair system. The one is customers, the other is the barber. I will introduce how to customize a hair system for the two subjects in the following.

For barber

If a customer wants to customize a hair system, you should make an appointment to interview with the customer, check his hair and scalp, know more about customers' information like lifestyle, occupation, living environment, and so on. Based on this information giving the right suggestions to the customer. It's up to customers to decide whether to use the hair system. The reason is Not All Men With Hair-Loss Need Hair System.

The other point you need to attend is to choose the right hair system according to the customer's hair loss. If his hair loss problem is not so serious, you can suggest he make the hair system, that is to say, paste hair system according to original hair namely in the top of head to increase hair quantity. With this, the effect is more natural, meanwhile, customers feel more comfortable and convenient.

hair system

Tips need to attention:

①Consulting methods and attitude

Most men with hair loss are sensitive about the problem and have extremely fragile self-esteem. When discussing Do Not stubbornly, listen to customers more, consider customers' feelings more. Besides, you should treat everyone equally, regardless of the customer's status and position. Try to make customers have a sense of trust. It's better to consideration transpositional. Try to think of yourself as a man with hair loss.

②If it is a telephone consultation

We can't know the information like hair, interests, and age when discussing through telephone. All we can do is rely on sound to show our attitude, therefore we must talk as gently as we can.

In the short talking, we should imagine the customer's hair loss situation, evaluate the customer's needs and give a reply as soon as possible. The final goal of the conversation is to create trust in the customer.

After deciding to wear a hair system, we should choose a hair system for the customer according to the specific situation.

①Measure the size of the specific area.

②Determined the thickness of the hair system according to the different thicknesses of everyone's hair, and the degree of curvature should also be determined.

③Hair styles vary by age, and some occupations have their own hairstyles. Besides, make sure the hair systems fit customers' faces.

④Choose a different net base according to the condition of each customer's scalp.

a.Men who sweat more are suitable to make the air vent bigger, the other men who are not bothered by sweat can use a small air vent, the smaller the air vent, the hair system more natural.

b.Men with sensitive scalps should use soft materials to reduce scalp irritation. Use material like Skin can make customers feel comfortable and handy.

c.Men with dandruff should choose a quadrangle mesh-like Mono to promote air circulation.

hair system

⑤Mater the shape and position of each person's hair seam to create a natural hair effect.

⑥Arrange the above items in the assignment instructions and pass them to the next step.

Create a block template based on each customer's hair loss shape, head shape, curve, and hair loss area. This is a step that cannot be omitted. Meanwhile, the thickness and volume of hair are also important factors. The hair system must be the same as the original hair. When people say that they are wearing a hair system, customers will suffer a lot of psychological and spiritual damage and even decide not to use hair systems. So you have to pay attention to detail.

After all the details are determined, the hair systems can be made, General custom hair system is a mixture of human hair and synthetic fiber hair, artificial hair development is more mature, almost the same as human hair. But in the process that makes hair system, mostly still use the human hair. The customization cycle is about 7-8 weeks.

Once the hair system is made and delivered to the store, the customer can wear it and adjust the length. The process of styling is called wearing. Choose hairstyle should according to the face type of the customer when doing modeling. The modeling of the hair system and the original hair of the customer join naturally. At the same time, you have to satisfy customers' needs.

The order of wear is as follows:

①Make sure the hair system is correct according to the work instruction.

②Washing the customer's original hair and hair system, ready to help them wear hair system.

③Secure the hair system to the customer's head and cut the hair.

④When cutting hair, we should pay attention to the natural cohesion between the customer's original hair and hair system, and pay attention to the overall image.

⑤In the last stage, tell customers the way of nursing hair system, the family nurse, and modeling method.

That's how barbers customize hair systems.

hair system

For customers

The most important thing is to find a salon that works for you and a stylist you know. A good stylist is a key to achieving great hair. At the same time, you have to learn some knowledge about hair systems.

What is a good hair system?

hair  system

①Light, good ventilation effect, even long-term use will not lead to skin allergies to the scalp.

②After shampooing, do not need an additional hairdryer to do modeling, also can maintain good modeling.

③Not or less affected by rain, snow, wind, and other natural environment and sports such as swimming and mountaineering.

④Not easy to fade.

⑤The effect is natural, see not easily is a hair system, especially bang part needs more natural.

hair system

How to choose a good hair system?

①Touch. A good hair system no matter be in glossiness or touch goes up very naturally because a variety of colors are mixed when dyeing. Also, need to carefully observe if there is a circumstance that color unbalance occurs.

②Comb. Not easy to knot, stable shape.

③Wear. After wearing, feeling if there is an uncomfortable place, and also judge whether you can wear it easily by yourself.

④Pull. Stretch your hands inside the hair system in all directions. A good hair system stays in shape.

Recently, hair systems are comfortable to wear and fit well. It's also very lightweight, you don't have to take them off for swimming or bathing, there are even products can take to sleep with you.

Finally, please go back according to the suggestion of the stylist, carefully nursing a hair, although it is a hair system, need to nurse very much.

This is all about how to customize a hair system. I hope these tips will help you. If there are any questions, please contact, I will try my best to help you!


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