How To Create Baby Hairs Step by Step

November 03, 2021 How tos and Tips Views: 6718

In the previous article, we introduced the origin of baby hair in detail. Today, we will explain how to create a perfect hairline edge.

perfect hairline edge

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Having the right tools is the first step to make a perfect hair edge. As for these tools, you may find them at home. If you don't have it, then you can have a look at the ones I recommend.

The Tools Maybe You Needed:

1. A Wig

2. Rat Tail Comb

3. Scissors

4. Hair Clips

5. Tweezers

6. Brush

7. Gel

8. Wig Stand

You already have everything you need to be your wig stylist, so the interesting part is coming: creating baby hair. The guide below is suitable for ladies who prepare the device in advance, but you can also learn how to make baby hair on the lace front wig. We break it down into several easy-to-follow steps to help you place the edges.

Cut the Lace

(Pic from @_anaquesia._)

Cut the Lace

When you receive a new lace wig, you should trim the excess lace on the wig first. As cutting off too much lace will damage the wig and impact wearing, you should keep it a little at first. Be careful when cutting your hair near the hairline, and make sure you don't cut the real hair. Our website provides the service of trimming lace, and will reserve about 1.5 inches of lace for everyone.

Separate the baby hair part

Fix the wig on wig stand or wear it on your head, and use the rat tail comb to take out a part in front to cut the baby hair. And separate this small part from the rest. Fix your hair with clips.

Wet Baby Hair

Baby hairs need to be completely wet to style them. You can use a spray bottle filled with water to spray along the hairline. If you don't have a spray bottle, just pour water on your hairline.

Comb the Hair

Brush the short hair with a brush. If you want to cross the hairline, start with a small one-inch part in the center of your forehead. If you just want to keep your baby hair in your temples, start there.

(Pic from IG)

Cut the Baby Hair

Gently pull part of the hair forward, and hold the cosmetic shaver with the other hand. First, trim your hair so that it grows long enough to the tip of your nose. For a longer time, it is wise to keep tendrils at this length. For short baby hair, pull some hair forward and trim it.

Set Your Baby Hair Using a Hairspray

Brush the baby hair gently. You can also use edge control gel or a hair styling cream to shape them.

To get this appearance, you need to fix your hair with gel. Use satisfactory baby hair comb to shape the wave shape. If you think it is complicated to trim your baby hair, then our website has reserved baby hair styles for you to choose in advance.

Baby hair styling with the new lace front wig will be more perfect! To learn more about UniWigs' lace front wigs, please click:


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