How to care for the Human Hair Systems when Swimming

December 06, 2021 Toupee 101 Views: 866

Lots of UniWigs customers come to ask whether they can participate the water-based activities with their human hair systems. They may also ask what will happen to their hair pieces if they get wet and whether they might get damaged by the chlorine or salty sea water. Whether you are going to the beach, or you are a big fan for swimming, we will let all of your worries go away.

In fact, no matter if that is your natural hair or a human hair replacement system, the excessive sea water or chlorine will cause the dehydration of the hair with the loss of natural oil from the hair, which will result in the breakage and the split ends of the hair. Besides, the chlorine can also change the hair color itself via the chemical reactions.

Here we would like to share some good tips with our human hair system wearers to prevent from those awkward hair systems incidents and protect your hair systems from the damage of the chlorine and sea water.

1.Use Water-resistant Glue

Many UniWigs customers may worry that their human hair systems may get off when participating the water-based activities. In fact, we can easily avoid those awkward moments by applying the water-resistant adhesive or hair system tape instead of the usual one. The waterproof glue or tape can very firmly secure your hair systems onto your scalp in the water.

2.Swimming Cap

Wearing the swimming caps should always be the best choice for the frequent swimmers wearing the human hair systems, since they can offer the perfect protection to the hair systems from the chlorine or salty sea water. If you want to have the extra protection, we would like to recommend to put on a shower cap underneath with the swimming cap stretched on the top. Please remember tucking any hair strand underneath when you get ready to get into the water.

3.Prepare an Extra

We recommend our customers to prepare a spare hair system when going to swimming, which can be the cheaper substitute to your expensive custom hair piece. From now on, you don't need to worry about the damage to your favorite human hair system. In fact, in the long run you actually are saving more on your hair system spending.

4.Cleaning, Conditioning & Moisturizing

The proper care to your human hair systems will surely extend their life spans. Therefore, be aware of how much water and sunshine your human hair system is exposed to, and make sure to take the proper care routine to your hair system after long time in the pool or beach.

We do recommend our customers to start your hair system care routine by washing your hair system with a gentle shampoo. And then, deep condition your human hair system with a good conditioner in order to restore your hair system's moisture. Remember evenly distributing the conditioner throughout the hair strands, and avoiding the hair system base. Besides, we also highly recommend to apply the leave-in conditioner onto your human hair systems after your human hair system gets air-dry, which will prevent the fizziness and get rig of the dryness of the hair strands.


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