How to apply a wig to a head which is total hair loss?

June 20, 2022 Fashion & Beauty Views: 7454

Hair is an essential part of your self-esteem, and they make you look beautiful. However, this is not the case for everyone present in this world. Whether it is women or men, both genders may suffer from illnesses or diseases that will cause them to lose their hair. It can be pretty troubling and make them lose their confidence almost instantaneously. Hair is a big part of your personality, and when you lose your hair, it's like you lose a part of your body. For example, it's like you just lost an arm or a leg; Hair have that much importance not just for your looks but also for your personality.

There can be many diseases due to which a person may go bald. For example, there is something known as androgenic alopecia in the case of males. Androgenic alopecia causes males to lose their hair because of a hormone known as endogen which produces secondary male characteristics. It can cause them to lose hair from the hairline, thus causing the characteristic receding hairline. It can also be because of alopecia aerate, which involves losing small pockets of hair on your scalp. It is primarily genetic, and there is very little treatment as to how we can manage it. Even though modern medicine has created several treatment responses to hair loss, it is still widespread knowledge that these treatments are only art effective in a small number of patients.

However, there is nothing to worry about because this is not under your control, and you cannot change it. And if it has happened to you, all you can do is wait and let it all follow through. You can apply wigs to make sure that you can keep up your confidence in the social environment. You can buy many different wigs, such as a lace wig. It will ensure that you regain your confidence and interact with people healthily.

How to apply a wig to a bald head?

Many people say that you should go bald if you want to wear a wig. However, if you are not comfortable going entirely bald, all you have to do is wear a wig cap. You will have to tie up the remaining hair present on your scalp in a bun or a knot in a gentle manner. Then you will have to place the wig cap on your head, and this way, your hair will be kept in one place, safe and sound underneath that cap. Then all you have to do is stick up your wig onto that wig cap with the help of some glue and clips if need be. You can also add different hair colors to your wig to make yourself even more beautiful. There are many products on Uniwigs to choose from.

For example, you can get synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. The product includes different wigs such as Cruella wigs, Harley Quinn wigs, and pink wigs.

If you suffer from severe hair loss or alopecia, it is best to shave your head entirely. This way, you will be able to attach your wig to your scalp in a much more convenient and comfortable manner. If you want to attach your wig with the help of glue or tape, it is the best advised that you shave your head thoroughly. That way when you apply glue or tape on your scalp, it will stick properly. Ensure that you are using the best quality adhesives present in the cosmetic industry. It is essential because if you use a cheap quality adhesive, it will cause your scalp to feel irritated, and thus it will not produce outstanding results. Apply the tape on your scalp or whatever type of glue you choose. And then, lay the hair directly on your scalp and make sure that it is firmly attached to the tape or adhesive you are using. Now that you have understood how we haveto apply a wig and necessary precautions, we can jump into the actual steps of applying a wig on your scalp.

Step 1

You must make sure that all of your hair is tied in a beautiful knot or braided uniformly. It is either straight going back or is in a fashion where it is uniform. It will make sure that any cap you are applying stays in one place and that it can perfectly cover the entire scalp.

Step 2

The second step is crucial because it involves putting on the stocking cap on your head. Keep in mind that the wig you are going to apply will cover your entire head; therefore, it is imperative as to why your wig cap must cover your entire head. Make sure that it covers the entire hairline from your front to the back of your head. Make sure that you also cover your ears because applying the glue can harm the skin and cause irritation.   It is also to make sure that the glue does not enter the ear canal and cause further problems.

Step 3

In the third step of applying a wig, you have to pull back the stocking or big caps. Make sure that you do not pull it back significantly further away from the hairline; it has to be enough so that you can define your hairline. Upon completing this step, we have to add or apply styling gel. There are many advantages of applying a styling gel on the periphery of your hairline. The first reason is that it will ensure that the cap stays on fixed and does not fly off. Also, when applying your styling gel, keep in mind that you have to apply a little extra on the ear side of your wig so that it does not lift off from the ear side.

Step 4

After you have applied the styling gel on the perimeter of your scalp, all you have to do is bring back your cap and press it with fingers or with the help of some comb so that your cap can firmly adhere to the styling gel on the periphery of your head. Once you make sure that the cap is perfectly glued onto your hair, you can go ahead to step five. Make sure that the wig cap has attached firmly to the sideburns of your head.

Step 5

All you have to do is apply some freeze spray in this step. Make sure that you apply enough around the periphery of your cap so that the wig can stick down properly. Then you have to make sure that you have covered up the periphery of your hair Cap before applying your wig. Just make sure that you have entirely dried it out and that it is firm.

Step 6

Carefully cut the cap as close as possible to the hairline, so that you can carefully apply the wig. If you feel like the cap is rolling back, apply some glue and make sure it is dry again.

Step 7

If you want a perfect look, you can add a foundation that is a slightly lighter tone than your skin. It has the advantage that it will make your hairline look seamless.

Step 8

Apply the wig to the place you want to fix it. Apply a little bit of glue on your hairline and blow dry it so that it quickly dries up and is fixed in one spot.

Step 9

Cut the lace so that it is completely matched with your hairline and looks natural.

Step 10

When you have cut off the lace of the wig, apply a little bit of styling gel and fix the remaining of your wig so that it is lovely and set.

And you're done; this is how you apply a wig on a bald head or a head that has hair on it. Keep in mind that always use products best suited for your skin, and it is recommended that you contact a dermatologist to find out what works best for you.


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