How much a wig cost?

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Well we purchase a lot of thing form the market to suffice our needs. A product is always available in the market in various pricing. Sometimes the gradient is large and sometimes it is small. Smaller the price ranges better the quality of the product. The going phrase in shopping sector is - true value product - meaning you get a cost worthy product for the money paid. The wig buying is however a tricky business. You have to know your wigs to buy them. So it is better to do your homework on the wig features before buying one to ensure a wise yet fashionable shopping round.

The cost of a perfect wig is very difficult to determine as a lot of variables are there in the process. Still after discussing the basic types of wig categories we can come with a conclusive and conducive tariff chart for wigs.

Factors to look for that plays part in price tagging the wigs.

Bree - Remy Human Hair Lace Front/ Mono Top Wig

Human hair wigs are the best options for many of the customers. The wigs are often very luxurious and fashionable. The quality of the hair is very good and it lets you feel like yourself once again. These wigs however take up quite your energy as they need very heavy and affectionate maintenance, even more than your original hair.

synthetic hair wigs

The synthetic hair wigs are virtually styled wigs that just need to be worn. The maintenance is not very high and is easy to wear. But the downside is people can tell these are wigs in one look and are not very good when comes to restyling.

The nature of the wig cap is a very important part of wig selection. There are front laced cap, full lace cap, glued or glue less cap etc. Depending on the density of your original hair and the condition of your scalp the type of cap is selected.

Finally the hair length, the hair density, the hair color and the preferred hair style are very important during the purchase of a wig.

So the above pointers clearly states beyond doubt that the cost of a wig is determined by the hair quality and material used, the length and thickness of the stands, the per cubic volume of the follicles, the production procedure for the wigs, the nature of caps, the texture of the wig, the brand of the designer & seller, resistant abilities of the wig and the size of the wig.

Compiling all these facts the inference drawn is a handcrafted branded dense human hair wig is most expensive whereas a factory produced synthetic hair wig is the cheapest. Some of the price ranges are:
1.Synthetic short wigs – from $25 to $300 (approx.)
2.Synthetic medium wigs – from $30 to $350 (approx.)
3.Synthetic long wigs – from $35 to $400 (approx.)
4.Synthetic handcrafted wigs – from $200 to $400 (approx.)
5.Synthetic front laced wigs – from $50 to $400 (approx.)
6.Synthetic mono-filament wigs – from $100 to $350 (approx.)
7.Human short wigs – from $45 to $400 (approx.)
8.Human medium wigs – from $50 to $1100 (approx.)
9.Human long wigs – from $100 to $1400 (approx.)
10.Human handcrafted wigs – from $1000 to $1500 (approx.)
11.Human front laced wigs – from $200 to $1400 (approx.)
12.Human mono-filament wigs – from $450 to $1300 (approx.)


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