How I style Perfection Wig perfectly just for me? --@strandsandsparrows

December 06, 2019 Whispers from Customers Views: 2033

Hi everybody! As you can see I sorta did a thing.

This is PHASE 1 of 3!

For the past month or so I have been wanting bangs and I knew I wanted to try them on this wig. I have a purple wig with bangs and I knew in the future I would have to have a natural color with bangs. Then I thought it would be cool to modify my UniWigs Perfection wig a couple of other ways.

I initially asked a friend to do it for me, but then I figure this would be a good learning opportunity for me as well. I am taking baby steps with testing my skills or lack of on this wig lol.
I still very much love wearing Perfection wig but her wear is starting to show since I wore her daily (11-12 hr days) for a few months straight before I became comfortable with switching things up a couple of months ago.
I've also applied heating tools to this wig and overtime that can have an effect. Last night before washing my wigs, I braved the chop and I am actually really digging the bangs!
I asked my husband what he thought and he said it did look nice, but I look like I came back in time from the 90's.

uniwigs review 1

So what's Phase 2? Coloring this wig!

I have a couple of shades in mind and may just take a poll to see which color you would like to see done.
I will document the process as well and hopefully it won't be an epic fail. This will be the first time I personally have colored my wig. When I received my very first human hair wig I went to #Ulta and had someone do it for me.
How will I know what to do? There is a local wig shop I have been to and the girl who works there was super helpful when I was there at the beginning of the year, in terms of explaining to me the proper way to color a wig and which solutions to get, etc. I may just pay her a visit and get educated again. IF all goes well and I feel confident enough after all 3 Phases have been completed I plan to customize my darker HH wig next.
Okay, with all that being said… I like my bangs and my forehead feels nice and warm!
SWIPE if you'd like to see how I cut the bangs! FYI- not profess whatsoever but it did the job.

uniwigs review 2

PHASE 2 of 3:

3 days ago I cut bangs on Perfection (see 4 posts before for Phase 1, etc.) and last night I colored her. As you can see in the first pic and others I've shared on my feed, depending on the lighting she was in different shades of brown. As far as coloring the hair I was a bit overwhelmed with buying the different solutions and hoping I'd mix things right so I bought a box which was $9.99 the color I chose was warm mahogany because it was the closest to the Auburn I showed you in the poll. How long it'll last? Not sure, but I'll keep an eye on that. As you can see if you SWIPE the color is not quite Auburn.

But I do love the shade. The last picture shows it even more red depending on the lighting. I took photos of the process from before to end result and a short clip of me rubbing the dye on the wig. I mainly rubbed the color into the hair on the bag I used and held the hair in the air and went back and further massaging the color in so some. I was very careful with the lace and it turned out fine! I know this isn't at all the professional way of doing things, I did what worked for me with caution and care. This is a learning experience for me as well.


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