Happy International Women’s Day!

March 08, 2023 News Views: 530

Who runs the world? Girls! ;) Some people may try to argue that statement but here at UniWigs, it couldn’t be more true! Women are at the very core of our brand. Here at UniWigs women run the day-to-day, women hand sew our pieces, and it’s women who wear and make our product what it is! There isn’t a department at UniWigs that isn’t touched by a woman. So today, we are celebrating the Women of UniWigs!

The first group of women we want to recognize is the amazing Miao women that work in the UniWigs factory. These women are truly incredible! Each day they walk through the factory doors with babies strapped to their backs, toddlers in tow, and smiles on their faces. They are always ready to conquer the day and create beautiful pieces for women experiencing hair loss. I have witnessed them in the factory and they are truly inspiring. They are doing what women do best, raising their families while still working and making a comfortable living. They really are doing it all, and we couldn’t do what we do without them!

Next up is our amazing women-led team! These women always bring a unique perspective to the brand with their creativity and huge hearts for women experiencing hair loss around the world. From marketing to accounting, to content creation, to customer service, to the creative team, to our brand ambassadors, and even to our CEO… women are at the forefront and we wouldn’t have it any other way!­

Last but not least, our truly amazing customers! Without you, we would be missing a very important group of women when it comes to our company. You are the women that bring life to our pieces, you are the ones that share and educate other women about our products, and it’s you that truly make UniWigs what it is!

So, like I said earlier… Women run our world and we will continue to follow these women anywhere they want to take us!


Happy International Women’s Day!

-xoxo, Brenna (a woman member of the UniWigs marketing team ;) )

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