Hair patches vs. Hair transplant

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Balding and losing your hair can disturbingly affect your day-to-day existence, causing uneasiness, stress, low self-esteem even your confidence. Individuals encountering going bald issues wish for a prompt answer to support their confidence and restore their lost looks.

Accordingly, so many solutions have been in place for the hair-loss conditions and because of that different hair systems have been introduced. These frameworks have been viewed as one of the potential responses to reestablish hair and help people who have endured trouble because of their balding or sparseness condition.

Several medical procedures and medications can be used to solve hair loss issues. The most common procedures are the use of hair patches and hair transplants.

Hair is an individual's delegated brilliance and to observe bare spots arise or diminish hair can be a bad dream for some.

Fortunately, with propels in a superficial medical procedure, this isn't something you want to agree to. With a hair patch or a medical procedure also known as a hair transplant, you can without much of a stretch cover uncovered spots and thicken slight hair. So which one would it be advisable for you to go for?

We will go into fine details about both methods of hair treatment systems for you. Let us dive right in.

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is the cycle wherein your hair follicles are gathered from the giver region and afterward united on the beneficiary region where the hair follicles are harmed. The whole process has an incredible achievement rate in almost all the people it has done on, you not only just get the first and regular looking hair back on the scalp yet can likewise feel sure by and by like previously before the hair-loss.

The hair transplantation process is generally better compared to utilizing hairpieces. Hairpieces are usually recommended if the area of baldness is just a small area but otherwise you will need a transplant for this. A hair relocating surgery is a long-lasting answer for your balding. You will get your regular hair to develop on the scalp regardless of whether you shave the scalp. Yet, on account of hair fixing, you want to visit the hair upscale and rehash the cycle to hold your look.

The patient gets back the regular-looking hair like their current hair during the time spent hair transfers. Be that as it may, on account of hair fixing or hair hairpieces, the regular bristly result is beyond the realm of possibilities.

Advantages of hair transplant:

  • 1.It provides a natural and a characteristic normal look.
  • 2.It provides a Super durable arrangement.
  • 3.It is the most normal medical procedure so you don't have to worry about anything.
  • 4.It is a long-haul and super durable answer for sparseness.
  • 5.We can shade it, oil it, wash it and can do a haircut and the hair will keep growing as usual.

Disadvantages of hair transplant:

  • 1. It involves you going through Surgery
  • 2. Its an expensive procedure
  • 3. It fixes your hair but it doesn't give you the perfect density as with a hairpiece.

What is a hair patch?

Hair fixing through hair patching method is a method that involves a counterfeit hair hairpiece comprised of fake hair or normal hair with a silicon base that is usually attached to the scalp base or the balded spot. It very well may be accessible instant using glue or uniquely crafted. Instant crafting is effectively accessible on the lookout, While in uniquely crafted you can alter it as per your head estimation. The surface and the shade of your hair can likewise be coordinated. The hair patching method is a piece of hair with a permeable base that will give a characteristic look as though the hair is outgrowing your scalp in superior quality. This strategy is additionally called artificial hair restoration.

Hair Patch is a preferred arrangement over the medical surgery option of hair transplant as it is a non-careful answer for balding however the fact that a hair transplant can be a careful strategy that eliminates hair follicles from one piece of the body called the contributor site still patching is easier and less complicated than a transplant.

Advantages of hair patching method:

  • 1. This method gives full inclusion with more full thickness all over.
  • 2. After patching the hair you can style it as indicated by your desire.
  • 3. it is a good replacement for a hair transplant procedure, especially for people who can't afford the procedure.
  • 4. It gives a natural look just like your natural hair and offers low keep upkeep.

Disadvantages of hair patching method:

  • 1. It might look like a simple procedure but it can be tedious when it comes to its maintenance as it involves a cleanup over 20 days of installation.
  • 2. The procedure isn't costly but the regular costs of maintenance make it more costly.
  • 3. it might stand out from your natural hair since the hair fiber of the patch is different from that of your hair.
  • 4. In rare instances if it is not well fitted onto your head it might fall off.

UNIWIGS hair patches and toupee for you:


This instant Clip-in volumizer is a great option if you want to add some volume to a specific area of your head. It is used as a cover-up for people who would like to cover up the small bald spots on their heads. These Curtain Bangs are clipped in the area near the parting to achieve a curtain bang looking. You can as well just clip in on the top of your head under your hair, so it will give you the instant root lifting look. It is the easiest hair patch that can be applied at any time of your convenience.


Versatile is one of our popular mono hair systems specially designed for men. Versatile is made with fine monofilament in the center, poly around the perimeter, and French lace in the front, the Poly-skin in perimeter has been formatted into 3 layers that Can be cut down to any size. The fine mono makes this hair system very durable, the lace front provides you with a natural hairline, and the poly skin makes this base easy to attach. This style can be parted in any direction because the hair is freestyle.


This hair patch has a base size of 2"x3.5 that makes it a Large Clip in hairpiece and can cover more. It is great for hiding thin hair in the front and on top. The piece is made of 100% Virgin human hair which allows you to restyle it as you like.

For now, only black colors are available. Please contact our customer service for more colors.


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