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September 24, 2019

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Have you decided which character to cosplay this Halloween? Which color wig will you go for? Blue wigs are highly popular cosplay wigs because you can make many cosplay characters and have a unique hair color.

UniWigs offer a variety of blue wigs in different styles, where high quality can be promised. Lace front synthetic wigs look the most natural with the lace hairline, so they can be worn to cos a character and worn in the daytime casually.

Here are some real reviews from girls who love blue wigs and cos with blue short wigs and long wigs in different styles.

uniwigs cloud

"This wig has to be one of my favorite wigs??? I recommend this brand all the time! I did cut the wig, just because I thought it looked more natural/ better on me a bit shorter! Super cute wig & it made me feel so cute. What do you think? "

uniwigs Starry Sky

"Okay so this wig is not only cute but it is great quality, I was really skeptical about purchasing it because it has so little reviews but this piece is SO worth it. It doesn't have that crazy wig shine to it, the wig is very comfortable and I have been getting so many compliments on it."

Blue Lagoon

"UniWigs continue to amaze me regularly. After my initial review, they reached out to me and were so kind, this company truly did not want me to have any issues with their products. The curls in this wig are so lovely, and because of the quality and customer service I will continue to order their wigs. They make wonderful products that compete with and are even better than some of the top companies out there."

UniWigs Macarons

"I love the softness of it. Yes it does tangle a little but it's still soft. It's true to its inches. I'm not a fan of the plastic parting area but I cover it with my hair. I'm not sure if the heat resistant part is true because it wouldn't curl when I tried. So I used fixie rods to curl it."

As you saw, all of them can be worn for daily wear, but these are truly the real and honest reviews, Do you have any ideas about how to cosplay one of these blue wigs? Leave your comments below.


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