Does Leslie Stahl Wear a Wig

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Hair makes an important part of the personality, and it ought to be perfect, especially when millions of people are watching you behind the screens.

For this reason, celebrities have an entire team dedicated to hair care and styling. The team makes sure they give the superstars a crowning glory each time they appear in front of the media. From daily shoots to red carpets, the team has to come up with something new, dodging the homogeneity bullets.

Some celebrities switch between wigs and extensions openly, while others like to keep it a secret, leaving the audience to speculate.

Our hair experts keep receiving queries about celebrity hair all the time, so why not discover it together?

Today! We are going to uncover the secret behind Leslie Stahl’s perfect hair. Let’s dig in;

Who Is Leslie Stahl?

The name may be unfamiliar, but she's one of the most recognized anchors in America.

She started her career at age 18 with ABC news and quickly rose through their ranks before leaving to work for CBS News as well where she currently resides today.

This woman has been on-air during some very significant moments, including four Oprah Winfrey interviews; covering two presidents' elections (Clintons & Obama); leading coverage from hurricane footage right here in New York City - all while maintaining an impeccable balance between professionalism/ gossiping about other anchor women around town.

With an estimated net worth of $40 million, she is best known for being one-half (the brains) behind multiplication tables. She is said to be a vital part of world-famous advertising campaigns such as Nike's "Just Do It."

She is best known for her award-winning anchoring and foreign reporting, and her show 60-minutes with Leslie speaks volumes for her fine journalism and intellect.

Besides her excellent reporting, there is something else she is famous for her hair!!

Does Leslie Stahl Wear a Wig?

CBS News anchor Leslie Stahl is well-known for her trademark curly hair. However, many people have been wondering if she wears a wig.

Digital photography experts claim that she does not, while others say it's impossible to tell for sure with the way her curly/pixie short bob with front fringes is always perfectly styled.

An article from InStyle magazine says that she does not wear a wig but instead relies on products like Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo to keep her locks looking good.

Whatever the truth may be, Stahl's hair always looks great on camera.

In an interview with Web women Stahl herself revealed the secret behind her perfect hair, saying, “When I was covering the White House for CBS, I had to be camera-ready at any moment and keeping up with my hair/makeup all day required using a hairspray named Cement. I also used a hairspray named Biolage, which worked wonders in keeping every strand in place".

Unlike the normal hair cycle, Leslie's hair always looks put together with just the right amount of fullness, leaving people to speculate if she wears a wig.

Her stylist further adds the volume by adding pixie fringes in front and above the crown, which makes her hair look perfect from every camera angle.

How to Get Leslie Stahl Hair Style?

Short hair gives the woman a bossy look, and it is always preferred by those who want to be perceived as influential yet inspiring. If you pay attention, Leslie also likes to keep her hair short.

Her preferred hairstyle is a short voluminous bob with lots of pixie fringes above the crown and at the front.

Often she has loose wavy texture added for additional glam to her roots which indeed looks super dynamic.

Her hairstyle may look simple to achieve. However, you need to have a fuller head in order to mimic her signature voluminous crown.

Wigs That Give Leslie Stahl Look

For those having a thin texture or long hair, you can always try wigs that instantly give Leslie Stahl's perfect bob. Here is the perfect Leslie Stahl wig;


This wig features Leslie inspired nape-length bob with loads of layers and wispy style face-framing front bangs. With a lace front design that looks just like natural hair, you can discreetly wear this during the day or night.

The capsize is impeccably tailored to fit smoothly and securely around the head, and it is ideal for average head size. For a more secure fit, flex combs on the sides are attached. The wig further has deep colored roots to give a natural appearance.

Rosalie is a durable wig enduring synthetic fiber. The wig strands can be styled with heating tools.



Rosalie blue


Lace Front Cap

Hair Texture



Heat Friendly Fiber

Approx. Length







Leslie Stahl is an accomplished journalist who has dedicated her career to uncovering the truth in difficult situations. She is also the author of several books, most recently Becoming Grandma: The Joys and Science of the Newborn Baby.

Rumors have circulated for years that veteran newswoman Leslie Stahl wears a wig on-air, but she has always vehemently denied the claims.

In a recent interview with W Magazine, however, the 60 Minutes correspondent finally addressed the topic head-on and revealed that, yes, she does, in fact, wear hairpieces from time to time. "I'm not going to lie about it," said Stahl. "I've worn them all my life."

While many women feel self-conscious about wearing wigs or extensions, Stahl says that she doesn't mind hers one bit. "It's like having another outfit," she explained. "And I don't care if people know."

And Uniwigs adore women who embrace wearing wigs proudly. To honor these women, we craft new wigs every other day and give women a chance to enjoy dynamic looks every day.

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