Do water influence our hair?

February 10, 2022 Hair Care Views: 1185

What will influence our hair? Genetic inheritance, shampoo, food, air, we will talk about another main factor: water.

There are also different types of water

Normally we thought water is clear, it includes minerals and chemicals content, the concentration of certain minerals determines the water type which belongs to "hard water" or "soft water".

According to the research of Science report about water, the hardness of water is determined mainly by the amount of calcium and magnesium it contains. The high level of calcium and magnesium and other minerals make the water hard.

Compared with hard water that is having high level of calcium and magnesium, soft water figures to have higher concentration of sodium or salt.

Whether the water is hard or soft depends on the city you are living in. It seems like the ground you are in where it has more limestone, then that’s going to bring limestone more into the water, so as the calcium and magnesium.

There is no serious adverse healthy problem regarding about drinking hard water. However, hard water would contribute to hair problems or dry skin. Washing hair frequently with hard water can cause your scalp itchy or hair thinning.

Those minerals in the hard water can alter the PH balance. You may think of our body need the nutrition of calcium or iron, however, if those minerals in water which is using for washing, you will feel something unhandy and you don't know the reason. This is frequently happened when you move to a new place. Your hair may used to wherever you are born from, once you live in a new place, the water is different, it will effect your body include the hair.

Soft water is more efficient for washing. Nowadays, decorating company will suggest to install a water-softening system when you are ready to renovate your old house or decorate your new house.

How to get to know the water is hard or soft?

1.A distinct lack of fluffy bubbles and the water appears cloudy or milky, the water is hard.
2.Feeling a film on your hands after washing them.
3.Appear the deposits of calcium carbonate in the kettle.
Other methods by searching google...

Most people can safely drink hard or soft water with no any problems. If the water is a concern, we should know what exactly the water type it is. Then we can find the solution that can be managed.

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