Differences Between Upgrade Courtney and Courtney Hair Topper

September 05, 2023 Hair Topper 101 Views: 992

Recently, we unleashed an electrifying upgrade to our beloved Courtney, and the response from our customers worldwide has been nothing short of fantastic. Our last-month anniversary sale saw such an astonishing demand for this souped-up sensation, the Upgrade Courtney topper, that we came perilously close to vanishing our entire inventory. As we feverishly hustle to satisfy your orders and restock our treasure trove, we couldn't resist spilling the beans on the delightful differences between the Upgrade Courtney and its classic counterpart. So, buckle up for the scoop!

1. Hair Type

The traditional Courtney features Chinese hair, while the Upgrade Courtney boasts Burmese hair. What sets Burmese hair apart is its natural curl when washed, making it a standout choice for those who appreciate a touch of natural waviness. Even if you're more into poker-straight styles, our Burmese hair toppers are chameleons. A bit of styling and a trusty straightening iron, and you'll have that sleek look you crave.

2. Base Construction

The standard Courtney comes in two variations: the left part and the middle part, both with stationary hair parting lines. But say hello to the Upgrade Courtney, where flexibility meets! We've unleashed a broader hand-tied area for you to play with. Fancy a classic middle part? Sure. Feeling a chic side part today? Absolutely. Craving a zigzag part for some avant-garde flair? Why not! The choice is yours.

3. Hairstyle Design

With the Upgrade Courtney, we've curated it with a built-in layered hairstyle, your personal ticket to instant chic. Say goodbye to the salon for those layering appointments we've got your back!

4. Price

Hold onto your hairpins, because this will make your day. The Upgrade Courtney is not only a hair upgrade but also a budget boost. The Upgrade Courtney is more cost-effective compared to the classic version. This affordability is made possible by the accessibility of Burmese hair, without compromising on the high-quality standards that define our products.


Do you have more questions or feel the allure of the Upgrade Courtney? We're all ears and ready to chat! Don't be shy; reach out, and let's make your hair dreams come true!

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