Difference between lace front, full lace and glueless full lace wigs

September 11, 2018

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Everyone is using a wig nowadays. Celebrity hair styling, disguising, clinical concealing or anything you name it and a wig will be on the top of your head. There are synthetic hair wigs and natural human hair wigs but it will not matter if they do not fit tight on the top your head. People become laughing stock if a wig falls off the head in public gatherings. This is the very reason why we must focus more on the fittings and size of the wigs first than the colour and style of the wig.
Wig caps are the base on which the hair strands are grafted in by the follicles and are made into suitable false hairs. The wig caps are mainly classified into the placement of the lace on the hair cap. The main categories are lace front hair wigs and the full lace hair wigs.

The lace front wigs
The front laced hair wigs are made from synthetic lacings affixed at the frontal linings of the wig cap. The lace is stream lined with perfection and it holds the cap tight over the forehead granting an affluent fake hairline to the wearer. Synthetic, silky and wavy front laced wigs are sewn and knitted in the industrial setup and are usually 3” wide stripes of clothing braced on the netted cap. The lace is sometimes stretched and clipped behind the ears while at other times it is glued to the forehead and combed a mid-part to grant a flawless frontal hair line.
Pros of lace front wigs
1. These are less expensive.
2. Grants you a sumptuous and healthy natural looking hairline.
Cons of lace frontal wigs
1. The wigs are stable at the front but loose at the back, thus any kind of back end hairstyle is off the menu.
2. The wigs cannot be mid parted or side parted due to inadequate gripping.

3 Cap constructions for wigs

The full lace wigs
The fully laced hair caps are the best kind of wigs. The wig is composed of a whole headed medicated cap, dense follicle number and a circumference all-round lacing. The lace is made up of breathable and unique material that holds the wig on the head with assurance and comfort.
Pros of full lace wigs
1. The wigs are strong placed over the head.
2. The hairs on the wigs could be parted according to your styling wish.
3. Due to all-round grip of the lace, the wig is open to all back end hairstyling like the top knot, the bun or the high ponytail.
4. Twisting out is feasible with full lace wigs.
Cons of full lace wigs
1. The only drawback of full lace wigs is these are quite costly because these are mainly hand crafted and are done with the best materials.

There are mainly two types of full lace wigs:
1.Glued - The wigs are held on the head by using glued under the lacing.
2.Glue less full lace wigs – These are the very best kind of wigs. To fit the head, the wig comes with adjustable back end, somewhat elastic, straps, frontal combs, side combs and stretchable lace clippers behind the ears. Some people may have rashes for using glue but with these arrangements no side effects are found valid.


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