Can synthetic wigs be styled?

2018-01-04 09:50:24

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Synthetic wigs have less possibilities to be styled than real hair. They cannot be dyed or heated easily if you are not a professional. But is this really true? Today we will show you a quick and easy tutorial about how to style synthetic wigs to make it look more stylish and real looking!

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grey wigs

1.Put on your wig cap.

2.Adjust the straps in the wig to fit your head size. 

3.Put on your wig.

4.Get your brush. Try to use an actual wig brush rather than a normal hair brush and then brush through your hair.

5.Get your straightener. Put it on the lowest heat setting and straighten your wig. All synthetic wigs from are heat resistant. So please feel free to apply heat on them. Make sure the straightener does not get too hot or you'll ruin your wig!

6.Apply some dry shampoo or baby powder on the wig. This helps to reduce the shine.

7.Get any black or dark brown eyeshadow. Apply it to the roots of the wig. This will make it look real.

8.Cut some front hairs to add a lot of layers for a more textured look.

9.Brush you your hair back into place. Lightly tease your fringe with your brush. Teasing helps keep the hair in the position you want.

10.Get some hair spray and spray your wig to keep it in place. Lightly brush over the top of the hair to flatten any random flyaways.

We hope you can get some inspiration from this brief tutorial!


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