Balayage vs highlights vs ombre: what is the difference?

August 11, 2022 Fashion & Beauty Views: 1638

With the great advancements in the hair industry, the change of hair color today is not only limited to dying the hair in one particular color. On the contrary, the development and innovations in this area deliver an abundance of new techniques and choices for all those who want to be extraordinary and try something new. Over the last decade, the most interesting and talked about hair coloring techniques are the balayage, ombre, and highlights. Although all of them might be similar in the approach and the final result they deliver, they are in fact quite different. Moreover, the beauty and hair trends are constantly changing, always introducing something fresh and new. So, it is very easy for a person to get caught up while looking for the best possible option.

Balayage, highlights, and ombre are three hair color techniques that are constantly in style. So, what are the real differences in the approach and the looks of these three hair coloring techniques?

What is balayage?

Balayage is a free-hand coloring method. It focuses on sweeping the lightener onto the surface of the hair. The hair color or the lightener is applied vertically. This keeps the highlights from disappearing through the mid-section and the ends. Most importantly, it allows a graceful grow out. From the moment it appeared on the hair scene, balayage has been the most loving hair coloring technique. It is a great option that flatters all skin tones, hair colors, and hair textures. Additionally, it adds a contouring detail to the face shapes and highlights the facial features in the most unique way.

What are the highlights?

Highlights are a very well-known coloring technique. They are not a new approach like the balayage or the ombre. With the highlights there simply is no miss when it comes to changing the look and the color of the hair. It is safe to say that the highlights look great on everyone. However, the final look is different from the one balayage delivers. Highlights are a great choice for those who are looking for a more blended overall result but with less dimension. It is a choice for those who have finer hair textures because it gives the body limp strands. The process of getting highlights is traditional – the hair is saturated within a foil. When the hair starts to grow out, the regrowth here will be more visible, then, compared to the balayage for example.

What is ombre?

Ombre is a hair coloring technique that comes from the French word that means shade or shadow. In terms of hair looks and appearance, ombre means a dramatic, two-toned hair color effect that is darker at the top and lighter on the bottom. These perfectly blended hair colors on the top and the bottom of the hair are lightened with a hair lightener. The process includes a hair lightener being placed horizontally across one region of the hair, usually near the ends. The transition is done upwards, along the hair shaft. The ombre hairstyle can be any color combination – natural blonde, brown, red, and even some strong and unexpected colors like pink, blue, green, or purple. The look the ombre provides is versatile, extraordinary, and suitable for all hair lengths. However, it always looks the best on long and medium hair. Ombre is a common choice because it does not require regular touch-ups. This is because the top section remains dark. The overall look that comes from the ombre hair coloring technique will change as the hair grows, which is pretty great because you will always have a different look.

The difference

The major and the most important difference between each technique lies in the way how the hair stylist applies the color to achieve the desired look. When it comes to the difference between balayage and highlights, for example, the main focus is the softness in the regrowth. The so-called negative space or dark space with the balayage application allows the highlight to come to its full dominance. The saturation of color happens on the mid-length and ends. As for the highlights, the entire section is done in a foil.

On the other hand, the balayage and the ombre are often combined as two coloring techniques. Of course, there are differences between them too. What is particular about the ombre is that there is less dimension through the mid-section and the ends. With the traditional balayage, the dimension is present through the entire hair.

Comparing the ombre and the highlights results in having the less common things. Highlights are applied from the roots to the ends. Ombre lightens the strands from the mid-lengths to the ends.

All three hair coloring techniques are unique in the look they provide. But what is also new and very appealing is that the market today offers a variety of hair pieces and accessories that can easily deliver such looks. So, anyone who does not want to make this change permanent as it is or is willing to try out some new style can try a hair topper or a hair wig. At Uniwigs, we have the most interesting and stylish pieces. Moreover, there are a lot of pieces that come in highlights or balayage techniques - a perfect option to make a noticeable change in your hairstyle and try something fresh and new.

If you are looking for a balayage hair piece, Carina and Allure are two pieces that will make a difference. Whether you are looking for something lighter or darker, with these pieces you can achieve a total transformation. On the other hand, the highlights are also a wonderful way to add some playfulness to your look and appearance. If you are looking to add a silver touch to your blonde hair, Silver Moon is a choice to go with.

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