7 Hot Hairstyles to wear your wig in 2019

March 20, 2019

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Wearing the same hairstyle every single day can quickly become repetitive and boring. Something as small as trying a new hairstyle out one day can make your look 10x more stylish. In 2019 there are hot hairstyles on the horizon that are easy to create on your wig!

Lavender hues

1.Lavender hues
Experimenting with this gorgeous lavender shading on your wig may not be for everyone, but this shade will look vibrant for summer 2019. This color makes us think of travelling, theme parks, iced teas, road trips and everything exciting in summer! Dye a lighter colour wig for best results.

Bob with a long sweeping side parting

2.A Bob with a long sweeping side parting
Bobs and short hair are all around us in 2019. If you have a bob or short wig, then try this look. Praised by the likes of Khloe Kardashian, a bob with a long sweeping side parting is elegant and flattering to the face. Get a hair stylist to trim your wig into this shape (don't try to trim it yourself as wigs can't grow back!). Then after washing, blow dry with a round bristle hair brush pulling the hair into a natural face framing look, and viola, classy bob!

Messy curls for a loose high pony

3. Messy curls for a loose high pony
We love this hair style, it is such an effortless and simple look that will look great year-round but especially in summer or on vacation. Teamed with an off the shoulder top and shorts or a cute summer dress, we can't wait! To create this look, curl your wig with a curling wand and then scoop it up in a high pony, tease or backcomb the hair for a little more volume if needed. You can use extra hair pins or clips in the back if needed.

Head bands or hair scarf

4.Head bands or hair scarf
A head band or hair scarf used will add a cute look your hair this 2019. You can choose from many different shades or patterns. This style is perfect for warmer days because it keeps the hair back from your face! This style will also help keep the wig feeling secure and you can use the head scarf to hide the wigs hairline if needed. Sounds like a useful style!

Volumized hair

5. Volumized hair
Hair with more texture and volume will be seen in 2019 and we are here for it. Wild curls? We love them! Big hair? Yes, bring it on! Volumized wigs will need a little hairspray and back combing to achieve the volumized hair, unless your wigs hair texture is curled or waved.

Scrunchies are back

6. Scrunchies are back
Oversized scrunchies are back in 2019 and we're all for it. And you'll notice a lot of 90's inspired hair-dos going around. The perfect hair for an oversized scrunchie is a high ponytail or a half up-half down style with a smaller pony or bun with a scrunchie. Over-sized scrunchies are affordable and a super cute accessory and can be worn in literally any way!

Very Long Hair

7.Very Long Hair
Super long hair is very stylish and will continue to be seen in 2019. The hair can be worn sleek and straight or worn naturally without styling. Although if the hair is straight it will make the wig look even longer! Who wouldn't want this long hair? It could make the perfect hair flip ever.


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