5 Expert Tips - How To Make Synthetic Wig Less Shiny

November 23, 2020 Synthetic Wigs 101 Views: 59525

Making a synthetic wig less shiny so that it can fit your look for a particular event should not be a challenge. By default, synthetic wigs come with a slightly shiny sheen to them that may not always match the look you want to go for. Nevertheless, you can remove the excess shine and make your wig look natural in an instant.

If you are going out to dinner, or for a ladies night out, or even out casually, and you would like to reduce the shine on your wig, then you have stumbled upon the right article. Here you can find out how you can make your synthetic wig less shiny.

You likely don't want others to notice the shining present on your wig, and you likely don't want the tell-tell shine on your synthetic wig to give away the fact that your hair is not natural. In this article, we will outline a few very easy hacks and tricks you can use to free your synthetic wig from its artificial shine and make it look a lot more like human hair.

These hacks and tricks are cost-effective, and you don't need to break the bank to make use of them. Many of the materials we recommend here to make your synthetic wig less shiny are household items that you can easily find in your home.

Without further ado, let's unveil these simple materials that can effectively turn your wig from looking like a shiny synthetic giveaway to natural and stylish hair.

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Things You Might Need to Make Your Synthetic Wig Less Shiny:

1. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is the most common and simplest way to remove the shine from synthetic wigs. Dry shampoo usually comes in the form of a can, and it is used to efficiently remove greasiness from the roots of the hair. Dry shampoo can be sprayed evenly over synthetic wigs to take away their excess shine.
The dry shampoo contains a powdery mixture that creates an instant effect on synthetic wigs. It will come in handy if you notice your wig is overly shiny minutes before you have to leave the house.
Dry shampoo comes with the downside that it can temporarily discolor your wig by coating it with a white powdery hue. To avoid this discoloration, choose the right kind of dry shampoo to achieve your desired look. For example, when applying dry shampoo to a brunette synthetic wig, use a dry shampoo that is specifically designed for dark hair. Another way to reduce the discoloration is by thoroughly working the dry shampoo into the hair by rubbing the areas gently.
To remove excess shine from your wig using a dry shampoo, simply spray the dry shampoo evenly over your wig. After spraying, gently comb through your wig and you are all set.

2. Baby Powder

As an alternative to dry shampoo, you can try baby powder. Not only is baby powder used to prevent diaper rash in children, but it can help you to get rid of the shine on your synthetic wig.
A little baby powder puffed out onto your palms and then dabbed around your wig will greatly decrease the shine on your wig. When you are done dabbing your wig with the baby powder, shake it off to remove the excess powder. Then use a comb or your fingers to gently spread the powder around until it is distributed to every part of the wig.
Top tip: Don't try to use any type of powder, as some powders will leave white substances on your wig. Ensure you use a baby powder.

3. Wig Shampoo

There are brands of shampoos that are made especially for wigs. You can find them in almost any store that sells wigs. These shampoos are designed with chemical agents to remove any form of unnatural shine present on synthetic wigs. By using any of these specialty synthetic wig shampoos to wash your wig, you will be removing the excess sheen on it.
To use these shampoos as a hack for removing excess shine, simply wash your wig normally with the wig shampoo and then let it air dry after.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (sometimes referred to as cider vinegar) is a vinegar that is made from fermented apple juice and is used in food preservatives, marinades, chutneys, salad dressings, and vinaigrettes.
Apple Cider Vinegar has a lot of health and beauty benefits but its purpose in this context is not health or beauty related. Apple cider vinegar acts as a softener on fabrics, and you guessed it, synthetic fiber.

To make your synthetic wig less shiny, follow the method listed below:
- Get a jug of warm water and pour 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar.
- Stir to mix evenly.
- When it is properly mixed, dip your wig into it and allow the wig to remain in the mixture for up to 20 minutes.
- You will notice trails of white inside the jug where your wig was dipped. This shows a chemical reaction that took place.
- Take your wig out and rinse it with water thoroughly
- Place your wig on a wig stand and gently comb your wig to loosen any tangles.
- Allow the wig to dry and you should now have a wig that is without shine.

5. Fabric Softener

Another material you can use to reduce the shine on your synthetic wig is a fabric softener. The goal of fabric softeners on synthetic wigs is to actually take off the shine.
If you cannot get your hands on apple cider vinegar, you can try using a fabric softener. The chemicals present in a fabric softener can remove excess shine from materials. The process of removing shine from your synthetic wig using apple cider vinegar is the same process as a fabric softener. Follow the same process of adding a tiny amount of fabric softener to a jug of warm water and dipping your wig in it.

Looking good is good business. There's no point allowing your shiny wig to give away the fact that you are wearing a wig. With these top tips, you'll be able to remove that shine and get on with your day knowing that your wig looks natural. We are positive that by following any of the hacks listed above you will be able to make your synthetic wig less shiny and more natural.


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