How much do you know about Merida’s Hair from BRAVE?

June 07, 2022 Fashion & Beauty Views: 4544

Who is Merida?

Merida is the first Disney princess made by Pixar from BRAVE and can be seen as a "real girl" compared to other Disney princess, which sets up a new kind of female image rather than the “Barbie Doll” ideal. Different from the stereotype of female character in traditional animated films, Merida is portrayed as a real, feisty, unique, brave and independent female character. She differs from other princesses because she never backs down from a challenge, nor does she rely on a man to save her.

The Secret of Merida’ Hair

Apart from these unique personalities, the most reason why people love her so much .... is absolutely that she’s got killer hair! The explosion of fiery ringlets is the highlight of whole hairstyle and audience just can’t take eyes off it when watching the movie. In addition, the bright orange-red color also highlights Merida's lively, enthusiastic and brave personality, as if it was born for her! Especially these cute explosion curls look so fluffy that they make people want to touch them.

However, the beautiful hair can not be separated from the painstaking efforts of the animation team and the dedication of a lot of time and energy. Especially these perfect spiral curls were actually a very difficult task Besides, the prototypes of the explosion of fiery ringlets you see are actually springs of different sizes and sizes in the computer, so the length, size and flexibility of each roll need to be precisely calculated to make Merida's hair fluffier. During the work, each member of the team even wore a similar wig to achieve the desired effect.

Overall, it took three years to complete the whole hairstyle, and Merida was brought to life with this amazing hair. At the same time, it also reflects the important role of hair on a Merida's overall temperament and even personality characteristics, and this orange red color will also add a touch of glam to her.

Uniwigs “Merida” Wig


If you are also obsessed with Merida's hair just like me but prefer something simple, this “Merida ” wig from Uniwigs will be your best choice! Rather than the dramatic frizzy hair in movies, its wavy style is perfect for everyday wear no matter at work, school, party, etc. Also, you can try different kind of hairstyles such as bun, bunches, braids due to the great flexibility of this 150 density hair. Although this wig may not make you become Merida, it can be an opportunity for you to remain braver and more independent and become the heroine in your life.

So, no matter you are a big fan of Merida or not, just try this wig and give yourself a chance to be braver and prettier!


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