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Monofilament wigs are the best choice for hair loss

The medical wigs include a selection of the highest quality and the favorite wigs’ choices for a sensitive group of women who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments for diseases and for women that suffer from hair loss. UniWigs cares and cherish for all clients at the best of our abilities.

Monofilament wigs: the illusion of natural hair growth

These wigs give the illusion of natural hair growth since the sheerness of the fabric at the scalp blends in with the actual color of the skin. For that reason, this construction makes the wig virtually undetectable. The monofilament construction ensures that even if the wig hair is styled and parted in a different direction, the wig's construction will not be revealed. Combined, the thinness of the fabric and the sheer color will make you forget you are wearing a wig at all!

The biggest misconception about monofilament is that it identifies the way the cap is constructed rather than the materials from which it's made. The following are the 3 types of mono wig caps.

Medical Wigs

Find the most suitable human hair wigs for cancer patienters with Uniwigs.com, shop for most natural and light weight medical wigs at UNIWIG online store. Here mono wigs is special offered.
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