We know that buying a wig can be expensive and overwhelming so we want to do everything we can to make the process easier. There are many situations where your insurance company will actually pay for, or contribute to the purchase of your wig if you are buying wigs/toppers due to hair loss from a medical diagnosis. (Please note that not all insurance companies provide this service.) The process can be tricky so we have gathered all the information we can to help you through it! Please read through the following information carefully to ensure that you don’t skip any important steps. Once you have read through it, if you have any concerns or more questions don’t hesitate to reach out. You can send us an email at [email protected] and we will do our best to help you!
  • Can my wig/topper be covered by my insurance?

    If you are experiencing temporary or permanent hair loss due to alopecia, trichotillomania, chemotherapy, or other medical conditions, you may be able to get the cost of your wig/topper covered by medical insurance!

    Most insurance companies will cover between 80-100% of the cost for your full cranial prosthesis and will allow you to receive one cranial prosthesis per year for hair loss due to medical reasons. Also, your prosthesis may be a tax-deductible medical expense, depending on your insurance company. We have also heard that the wig/topper would be tax deductible if a person's medical bills are over 7.5% of their income. We can’t promise this though, so please check with your tax advisor first.

  • Insurance Steps to Follow:

    First, reach out to your insurance company and ask them these questions…

    1. ● Does your policy cover a cranial prosthesis?
    2. ● What types of cranial prostheses are covered? (i.e. synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, hair toppers, etc.)
    3. ● How much of the cost will they cover?
    4. ● What specific terminology is needed to have on the prescription for a cranial prosthesis?
    5. ● What specific documentation do they need to submit the claim?

    Also, , it should be noted that even if you don’t see cranial prosthesis listed on your policy, it does not mean that it can’t be covered. We always recommend calling your insurance company to make sure you are or are not covered.


    1. ● Get a prescription for a “cranial prosthesis” from your doctor. If your insurance company asked for it to be called something else, make sure your doctor knows that. When your doctor writes the prescription, have them put medical procedure code A9282 on the prescription. It is important to not use the term “wig” or "topper" on your prescription. A wig/topper is used for cosmetic reasons and your insurance company will throughout this type of claim because it is not necessary. Your prescription will include a procedure number/code for your cranial prosthesis that will be used to submit your insurance claim.
    2. ● Most companies require a prescription that uses one of the following terms:

    -Hair prosthesis

    -Cranial prosthesis

    -Cranial hair prosthesis

    -Extra-cranial prosthesis

    1. ● It can also be helpful to have your doctor write a letter explaining how hair loss has affected your state of mind and is not just for cosmetic reasons. Having hair loss can cause depression, anxiety, and loss of one’s self. If your doctor can explain that in a letter, it can be extremely helpful in getting your insurance company to cover the cost.
    2. ● Keep copies of all of your documentation and invoices from your doctor for tax exemption purposes. 
    3. ● If you are planning on paying upfront or out of pocket initially, place your order online at www.uniwigs.com. Once your order has been placed please reach out to [email protected] and ask for a copy of your invoice. Please make sure the “cranial prosthesis” & code“A9282” are on the invoice.
    4. ● When requesting your invoice, please also ask for UniWigs’ tax ID number. You will need this when submitting your claim.
    5. ● Once you have all of the documents, send them to your insurance company. Documents include: cranial prosthesis prescription, copy of the invoice from UniWigs, insurance claim form, UniWigs tax ID number, etc.
  • What I can do when insurance doesn't pay?

    1. If your insurance won’t cover the price of your wig/topper we are extremely sorry! We know that this is not a small investment. We also know that it is an investment in your mental well-being! Please contact us at [email protected] to receive a discount!

    2. Wigs/toppers for people who experience hair loss from chemotherapy may be a medical deduction. In this case, saving the receipt could save you money on taxes. Since medical expenses must exceed 7.5% of adjusted gross income before you can claim a deduction, it may not seem worthwhile to keep track of them.

  • To whom should I ask for The NPI Number?

    The NPI Number is a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Administrative Standard. An NPI is a unique identification number for covered healthcare providers, created to help send health information electronically more quickly and effectively. Covered healthcare providers, all health plans, and healthcare clearinghouses must use NPIs in their administrative and financial transactions. Health Care Providers Who are HIPAA-Covered Entities:

  • Your experience is helpful!

    If you have ever had your insurance company pay for your wig/topper we would love to hear from you! Send an email to [email protected] sharing what insurance company and the steps you took to make it happen!

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*Information provided in this is based on cms.gov, verywellhealth.com. Thanks for all the information resources. Please contact us if there is a copyright issue.

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