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Ywigs’ extensive range of hair products includes glueless lace front wigs, HD lace closure wigs, 360 lace frontal wigs, and full lace wigs, with various textures, colors, and lengths to choose from. Each wig is pre-plucked with a natural-looking hairline, features bleached knots, and comes with removable elastic bands, making it easy to wear right out of the box.

  • How long does the product last?
    The lifespan of Ywigs' wig depends on maintenance. With proper care, it can last a long time. Treat it like your own hair to extend its longevity.
  • Do the Ywigs' wigs have baby hair around the perimeter?
    Yes, all of Ywigs' wigs have baby hair.
  • Is wig/closure bleached knots?

    Wigs and closures can be bleached knots to create a more natural-looking hairline. However, the chemicals can cause the knots to loosen and damage the hair, resulting in shedding and breakage. Ywigs products undergo a mild bleaching knot treatment, which achieves a natural hairline effect without compromising the product's lifespan.

  • Can I dye or bleach my hair?

    Please note that only the natural color and #613 virgin hair can be safely dyed or bleached. Any chemical processes should be performed by a professional, or at least consulted with one. We understand that this purchase is an investment, and chemically altering the hair can potentially damage it. While our virgin hair can handle the coloring process well, please proceed with caution. If the hair is chemically altered incorrectly, it can damage the cuticle and cause issues such as fraying, breakage, dryness, and tangling, ultimately affecting the overall look and feel of your hair. It's important to keep in mind that chemical damage has no reverse button, and we cannot be held liable for any damages.

  • Can I restyle the wig with a heat tool?
    Please note that wavy or curly lace wigs have already been processed with a perm for wave or curl. We do not recommend hot curling or flat ironing the lace wigs again as it may cause over-processing. However, for straight hair such as Yaki perm straight and light Yak hair, you can use hot curling or flat ironing since these hairs are naturally curly or wavy.
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