Hi. Welcome to our YouTube Review Video Contest!
Please read the following rules and enter the contest now!

Each candidate should own a YouTube Channel and at least one UniWigs Hair Topper.
Each candidate shall make a Review Video Concerning the UniWigs Hair Topper and then post the Review Video on the their YouTube Channel publicly.
The Review Video's title should contain the following key words "UniWigs Hair Topper Review + Product Name".
The video should be at least 3 mins.
3 Winners will be selected based on
  • number of viewers
  • number of likes
  • the quality of the Review Video
The contest starts on Sept. 15th ends on Oct. 16th.
The results will be announced within one week after the contest ends.
We highly recommend Candidates to Record the Review Video in High Definition Format. The higher quality of the review video is, the more chances you can win. Good Luck!

Notice: UniWigs Reserve All the Rights for Final Explanation of this Event.

Contest Bonus

  • Each Winner will receive 2 Free Hair Toppers for Review on their YouTube Channels.

  • Each participant will receive 3,000 loyalty points (equals to $30)

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