Peach Sorbet

by @drow_ranger13

Peach Sorbet, it has the soft peachy color and the curls remind me of a scoop of sorbet.

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Twilight Sparkle

Moon beam

by @living_6_dead_6_girl_6

Moon beam because it reminds me of the color the moon shines on the clouds

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Twilight Sparkle


by @damned_wonderland

First thought is aphrodite like the famous painting of her birth out of seafoam, long flowing hair

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Twilight Sparkle

Moody Ash

by @jaytastic_ultimate

Moody Ash it reminds me of a rainy day, when you stay at home and drink tea, listening to some relaxing music and do some selfcare, like now. But all that doesn't mean your hair couldn't look fabulous! I'd love to wear that wig

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Twilight Sparkle


by @longshore10

Peridot after the August birthstone! The color of the wig and the color of the birthstone are almost identical shades of green which would make it a fitting name!

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Twilight Sparkle

Neon Violets

by @rosie_anderton97

Neon Violets, as the colour makes me think of cyberpunk/futuristic themes and asthetics

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