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UniWigs Trendy 19/20 Autumn/Winter New Arrivals Release! Shop the "Cranberry Frost", "Loco Cocoa"
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UniWigs Trendy 2019 January New Arrivals release!

Cranberry Frost

by @miss_ginger_star_pinup

Cranberry Frost because it reminds me of the gorgeous color of cranberry sauce during the holidays and frost because of winter and the frost color in the wig.

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Cranberry Frost

by @mevrouwnoelle

Cranberry Frost- this is also the color of cranberries and the light pieces in this wig make it seem like it's cranberries with a touch of snowy frost on them

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2018 UniWigs Trendy Semi Annual New Arrival

Loco Cocoa

by @mallorybattaglia

Loco Cocoa because the season calls for hot chocolate and the effortless curls give a "loco" or carefree look

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